Pink Shares How Her "Messy Life" Inspires Her Relatable Music

Pink exclusively shared that her “messy life” is what inspires the strong emotion in her music. Learn about the “thunderstorm” inside her and who pushes her to “step up” her game in the industry.

By Kelly Gilmore Nov 07, 2022 10:04 PMTags
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Pink shared what makes her music so full of raw emotion, explaining that she doesn't have to look far outside her day to day life to get inspired.

"I'm messy and I live a messy life," she exclusively told E! News at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony Nov. 5. "I have so much inspiration."

Pink added, "It's look like it's all together but in here, there's a thunderstorm brewing"

That "messy life" may just be the creative juice responsible for giving the world hits like "Family Portrait," "Please Don't Leave Me" and "Just Give Me a Reason." And as it turns out, there are other sources of inspiration that have helped make Pink's discography what it is today,  such as the people she looks up to, including fellow legend Dolly Parton.

As Pink explained to E! News in the Nov. 5 interview, Dolly's work ethic is something to be noted.

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"She's really, really funny and she's a great songwriter," Pink said. "And so, when you see women like that charting their own course and writing songs like that, you're inspired to step up your game."

So, it's only fitting Pink not only got to present Dolly at the induction ceremony, but also perform with her during the evening.

"It is a lot of pressure but it's more an honor," the 43-year-old said. "I am so excited for her."

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Pink explained that when it came to being inducted in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Dolly originally turned down the honor. But when the institution decided to ignore her refusal and induct her anyway, Dolly got to work on some rock projects.

"She went and recorded 24 rock and roll tracks for a rock and roll album," Pink shared. "She's incredible."

Although a title and release date have not been revealed for the upcoming album, Dolly did share that the project is gonna honor her husband Carl Thomas Dean.

"I'm going to do a lot of his favorite songs," Dolly shared on the induction ceremony red carpet. "He loves Mick Jagger, he loves 'Satisfaction'—those kind of songs." 

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