Newly Engaged Rachel Bradshaw Reveals How Dad Terry Hilariously Spoiled Her Fiancé's Proposal

The Bradshaw Bunch's Rachel Bradshaw spilled all the details on her fiancé's not-so-romantic proposal, her engagement ring, plans for their unconventional wedding & more exclusively to E! News.

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Watch: Rachel Bradshaw Says Her Father Terry SPOILED Her Marriage Proposal

Rachel Bradshaw's proposal didn't exactly go as planned.

In fact, The Bradshaw Bunch star revealed her dad Terry Bradshaw hilariously spilled the news of her fiancé Chase Lybbert's engagement plans before he actually got down on one knee.

"You're gonna die—this isn't like the most perfect, romantic story in the world, it's pretty funny though," Rachel exclusively told E! News. "We've been dating a year and a half and at the year mark I knew that we wanted to be together forever. I've known him for 15 years, so we were talking and he was like I want to design a ring. So I knew by the fall it was going to be time to get engaged."

Fast forward to last week. Rachel and Chase were carving pumpkins the Friday before Halloween with Terry and wife Tammy, Rachel's sisters Erin and Lacey and their families in Texas.

"I noticed that my fiancé Chase and my dad had left the room," Rachel continued. "My dad walked in from the garage and he goes, 'Guess what, everybody? He just asked for Rachel's hand in marriage and I said yes!' The whole room stopped, like everyone was sweating. Tammy, I thought was going to just run away. I wanted to die and dad was like, 'What, I shouldn't have said anything?' We're like, 'No, you shouldn't have said anything. That's a private conversation.'"

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Rachel said Terry became "mortified" over spoiling the news after finding out Chase planned to also ask the permission of her step-dad and grandpa. But with the beans already spilled, Chase got down on one knee in front of her family moments later.

"I don't even remember what he said but it was it was very, very sweet," Rachel said, "and the perfect moment. But dad basically proposed to us."

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She added, "Dad was drinking a lot of Bradshaw bourbon that night so I think he was just on one, but he also was so proud and so excited."

While Rachel, 35, has kept Chase's identity a secret until now, she's actually known the 37-year-old businessman for over a decade through her father-in-law.

"We're both members of the same country club and a couple years ago we ran into each other," Rachel shared of reconnecting. "I go, 'God, he's so hot. I love the salt and pepper hair, he's so cute.' And that was kind of it. We locked eyes and we started dating immediately."

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Now that Chase has officially put a ring on it, Rachel revealed they already know when and where they want to tie the knot, adding that it won't be a traditional ceremony.

"We don't want a wedding," she explained, "we are literally going to go to the courthouse—get married—Lacey's going to marry us, she's an ordained minister."

After saying "I do," Rachel and Chase will have a "huge party" at their country club. "I don't want anything wedding-y. It's just going to be the courthouse and then go to our party have fun all night and then we're going to go to Ireland to stay in a castle for a couple weeks."

Hear more scoop from Rachel, including how she made sure Chase picked the perfect diamond engagement ring, in the exclusive video above.

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