RHOBH's Mauricio Umansky Explains Why His New Series Buying Beverly Hills Isn't on Bravo

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Mauricio Umansky explains why his new real estate reality show Buying Beverly Hills is on Netflix instead of Bravo—and how it stands out from the pack.

By Alyssa Ray, Daniel Trainor Nov 04, 2022 2:00 PMTags
Watch: How Netflix's Buying Beverly Hills Sets Itself Apart From the Pack

Sometimes it really is all about location, location, location. 

When it came time for Mauricio Umansky's powerful Los Angeles real estate company The Agency to launch its own reality show, many assumed it would land on Bravo.

After all, Mauricio and his family—including wife Kyle Richards and their daughters Farrah, 34, Alexia, 26, Sophia, 22, and Portia, 14—have been network fixtures for over a decade, appearing on all 12 seasons of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

So, when it was announced that Buying Beverly Hills, starring Mauricio, Farrah and Alexia and the high-level real estate dealings of The Agency, would be dropping on Netflix instead, a few eyebrows were raised. 

As Mauricio exclusively explained to E! News, it all had to do with his company being "a global brand."

"We currently have 60 offices. We're in the middle of growing, we're continuing to grow, we're now in Europe," Mauricio said. "We actually just opened up in Amsterdam, which is where Netflix has their headquarters in Europe. Netflix is a global brand, as well. It just made all the sense to be on Netflix."

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Of course, being on Netflix means inevitable comparisons to the streamer's other glitzy reality shows about expensive Los Angeles real estate, like Selling Sunset.

According to Mauricio, Buying Beverly Hills manages to distinguish itself because it puts the real in real estate.

"We put ourselves out there with a lot of vulnerability," he said. "The relationships that exist are old. You know, my daughter, my relationship with her is 26 years old. There's a lot of history on it. It all starts with a really tight relationship."

In addition to the blood ties, Buying Beverly Hills also features a host of other Agency employees, who Mauricio stressed weren't plucked out of obscurity for the sake of the cameras. 

"Nobody was cast for the show," he said. "These are all real people that are struggling. We show the rookies, the young 20-year-olds and allow them to make mistakes. Some of them may not make it. They may not have what it takes to be an Agency agent and be prepared to work for the most successful, luxurious, global real estate firm in the world."

Pressure's on.


See who makes the cut when all eight episodes of Buying Beverly Hills drop Nov. 4 on Netflix.

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