Love Is Blind's Bartise Admits He Made a “Mess” on Show

Love Is Blind's Bartise appeared to comment on his behavior toward Raven during the Oct. 26 episodes. Find out what he said about the “mess I made.”

By Amy Lamare Oct 31, 2022 11:46 PMTags
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Love Is Blind star Bartise Bowden confessed he may not have handled himself well on the show.

In the latest episodes of Love is Blind that dropped on Oct. 26, the couples met up for the pool party from hell. Bartise Bowden couldn't stop telling his ex Raven Ross how hot she is, telling the other guys how hot Raven is and basically telling anyone who would listen, including his fiancée Nancy Rodriguez, how hot Raven is. 

Now, it seems he's owning up to his behavior. 

In a TikTok posted on Oct. 29,  he responded to one user who said, " B, wow. Just finished watching episodes 5-7.

"Bartise's response?  "Kudos to you for making it that far," the Texas native said on camera. "I don't know why you didn't just fast forward my parts or cut that sh-t out because what a mess I made. Oh my god."

When Bartise and Nancy went back to their room that night, he simply couldn't resist bringing Raven up again, telling her how "f--king gorgeous" the Pilates instructor is and telling her that he and Raven make sense to the naked eye.

The show also saw the couple disagree about their political views, raising questions of their compatibility and family approval.

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But Bartise isn't the only Love Is Blind cast member reflecting on their questionable behavior—or housekeeping.

Cole Barnett posted a TikTok on Oct. 29 that addressed how messy his Dallas apartment was when he was giving fiancée Zanab Jaffrey a tour on the show. (We're talking about literal flies buzzing around the toilet.)

The TikTok shows him in his bathroom, punching at the air with "POV Fighting off flies and haters in my house cleaned to perfection" written on the screen. 

"Look y'all, it was bad," he captioned it. "BAD! I know. But look, so much better!"


Ser Baffo/Netflix

For what it's worth, in the TikTok, Cole's toilet now appears to be clean and fly-free. But that's a very low bar to set in a potential spouse.

Love Is Blind season three is now streaming on Netflix, though fans will have to wait to see how things turn out between Bartise and Nancy and Cole and Zanab.


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