Heidi Klum's 2022 Halloween Costume Revealed

Hosting her annual Halloween bash for over two decades, Heidi Klum showed off her epic 2022 costume, which she described as "the best one I've ever done."

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Heidi Klum continues to reign supreme as the Queen of Halloween.

On Oct. 31, the supermodel revealed her jaw-dropping 2022 costume, dressing up as a giant worm, epidermis and all!

Her husband of three years Tom Kaulitz also got into the Halloween spirit, sporting a fisherman costume featuring a gruesome dangling prosthetic eyeball.

Leni Klum, Heidi's 18-year-old daughter, also attended the party, dressing up in a black vinyl suit as she channeled Michelle Pheifer's iconic Catwoman character from 1992's Batman Returns.

Heidi, 49, has been going all out for spooky season even since she started hosting her now annual Halloween bash back in 2000. Over the years, the supermodel has transformed into several over-the-top characters, including Lady Godiva, Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Hindu goddess Kali, the werewolf from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" music video and Princess Fiona from Shrek, often with the help of prosthetics and movie-level makeup magic.

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In 2019, the star's costume was truly out of this world when she transformed into a gory alien, complete with exposed guts, wired nipples and a glowing brain that she said took 10 hours to apply. 

Heidi was forced to put her party on pause in the last two years due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, it didn't stop the fashionista from slaying at home, posting several looks to Instagram, including a creepy mummy in 2020 and tributes to her favorite horror films in 2021.

Last month, Heidi teased that her 2022 costume would be unlike anything she has ever done before. "I only have one look, and I'm going to be very claustrophobic in it," she told E! News at The Daily Front Row's Fashion Media Awards on Sept. 10. "And I think—I don't think, I KNOW, that it will be the best one I've ever done."

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The Project Runway alum shared that her surprise look—which she estimated would take 14 hours to pull off—is all for her fans.

"I'm going to leap myself out of the window that far and go ahead and say that," she explained. "I can't let my Halloween fans down. I don't want to let them down, so I've gotta bring it!"

Keep scrolling to see Heidi's epic Halloween looks throughout the years.


Heidi Klum was proud as a peacock on the red carpet of her annual party, enlisting 10 people to dress as her beautiful tail feathers and claws. 


Happy Halloworm from Heidi! While hosting her 21st annual Halloween party presented by Now Screaming X Prime Video and Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur, the America's Got Talent judge debuted her worm costume. 


After enjoying a night at Sake No Hana, Heidi changed into a nude sheer bedazzled jumpsuit.


"Halloween is different this year," the reality TV star wrote on Instagram amid the coronavirus pandemic, "but that shouldn't stop us from getting creative at home."


Heidi channeled a creepy mummy for her Halloween short video. It marked one of her many spooky looks in the five-minute clip.


Heidi blended into her walls with this clever costume in 2020.


Heidi, are you there? The model was hard to spot, as she perfectly matched the blue and black-streaked bedsheets.


The star's costume was truly out of this world when she turned herself into a gory alien.


The supermodel transformed into everyone's favorite green princess, Fiona, from Shrek. An idea she'd been dreaming about for awhile, "I just never found a crazy enough person that wants to do Shrek with me," she told People. Enter: husband Tom Kaulitz


The America's Got Talent judge had a hair-raising good time dressed up as the werewolf from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" music video. "I wanted to do the 'Thriller' dance," she explained


Instead of channeling someone else for the spooky season, the fashion expert opted to clone herself five times with the help of prosthetics and some fabulous wigs. 


Heidi who? The former Project Runway host answered only to Jessica Rabbit.


"They said, 'Are you really in there Mama?'" she told E! News about her children's reaction to her incredible metamorphosis into a butterfly.


When describing her kids' responses to this elderly get-up, the star told E! News, "The one time that I [looked] like me but older, they were scared."


Heidi gave Elizabeth Taylor a run for her money with this chic Cleopatra costume.


Klum's seen here with ex-husband Seal at a time when they were presumably quite a bit more bananas about one another.


The former Victoria's Secret Angel looked like she hopped right out of an anatomy textbook. She hosted two parties that year, debuting this look on Oct. 29 in Las Vegas.


The model is tall, but not that tall. Heidi wore stilts to make this robot monstrosity more menacing.


Little known fact about crows: a group of them is called a murder. Perhaps that's why the model chose the bird for her haunting costume. Distressed to discover the step-and-repeat was black, "Now I work on the background, too," she told People. "Since then, I do the step-and-repeat, the carpet, everything."


Heidi's costume as the Hindu goddess of death and time, Kali, has since divided the internet.


Heidi's ferocious feline doesn't hold a creepy candle to the CGI in Cats.


She's the apple of our eye in this costume, which was inspired by the biblical tale of Eve and the forbidden fruit.


Eat your heart out—literally!


Not all witches wear black, you know? In fact, this witch had a lacy costume that included a fake skeleton that she got a medical supply store. 


Gladiator goddess or sci-fi dream? Either way, this vivacious look goes down as one of her best.


The former Victoria's Secret model was red hot, as she channeled the iconic Betty Boop.


In her second year hosting, the star went full Lady Godiva—horse and all!


While the model's looks have become a lot more elaborate, for her very first party she was just Heidi (as in the character from Johanna Spyri’s German novels), choosing to dress up in a dirndl "but not a tradtional dirndl," she told People. "And in those days I still did my hair and makeup by myself."

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