Caught! Nicole Richie Bursting Big With a...Girl?

Joel Madden and Nic eat out while her belly sticks out

By Ted Casablanca Jul 22, 2009 2:46 PMTags
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Nicole Richie, super preggers, lunching with boyfriend and baby daddy Joel Madden in Beverly Hills. The couple was with another dude, opting to hit the posh Polo Lounge.

Nic, who hasn't officially announced her due date or her plans to find out the gender of kid No. 2, is looking large and in charge with a "high" baby bump, a fellow patron of the hotel tells us. "She must have a little over a month left."

Could Harlow be getting a younger sis? Well...

...all the myths do say high means girl, and we're told Nic has the same belly as before.

The former Paris party pal was dressed in a long purple bohemian dress, looking "healthy and glowing." Why didn't Ms. Hilton ever go this route? Oh yeah, because she's still slumming it with her Hills leftovers. We're so Team Richie—having a baby onboard totally suits her.

We hear Nicole's pregnancy cravings must be kicking in big time, 'cause the gal strolled into the fancy eatery with a Jamba Juice in hand.

"She looked really tired," our eyes tell us.

Supposedly N.R.'s BF and his male companion were chatting the whole time, while an unusually silent Nicole played on her phone. "Even Joel seemed to look a bit concerned about how worn-out she was." By the way, the word wedding was dropped at the meal.

Whose, darling? Yours? Get some rest first, girl!

Another hot young mom out on the town was...

Jessica Alba, having a girls night out down in South Beach. Despite Sunday being your typical fam night, Jess decided to go out with a gal-pal to SushiSambra Dromo around 11 p.m. Even though Miss J is notorious for sporting the glum, attitudey faces, we're told from the staff there Jessica was "superpolite and a great tipper," ordering the chicken teriyaki. Uh-oh, R.Pattz, maybe this is the gal you should take lessons from?

Looking dashing in a green summer dress, Jessica sipped on a glass of Shiraz. Looks like no baby No. 2 is on the way for Jess and hubby.

Speaking of her lovah...

Cash Warren, hanging out in Brentwood the other day at Peet's Coffee. C.W. was low-key humpy stuff in jeans and a tee, looking "really, really hot," a fellow A.T reader tells us. Cash looked like any other regular around town, being friendly (but not flirty, don't worry) with the coffee gals there.

Nice way to go, sugar.

Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder and Martin Haro


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