Aubrey Plaza Jokes “Haunted” White Lotus Hotel Is Responsible for Pranks on Season 2 Cast Mates

Ahead of The White Lotus season two premiere, star Aubrey Plaza exclusively told E! News why she believes the Sicily hotel is visited by ghosts—and it's not for the spooky reason you'd expect.

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There are a lot more than disgruntled hotel guests roaming the White Lotus' halls. 

Ahead of the season two premiere, Aubrey Plaza explained why so many members of the series' cast got pranked during filming.

"It was haunted, okay?" Plaza, who plays newly-wealthy married woman Harper Spiller, told E! News' Erin Lim Rhodes exclusively at The White Lotus' red carpet. "The monastery was haunted. The hotel was haunted. It was the ghosts. The Ghosts of Christmas Past, or whatever."

And while Plaza didn't own up to pulling the pranks, she did note that a few of her cast mates tried to take revenge—although they didn't succeed. After all, as she bragged, "People can't prank me."

So, how did all of these shenanigans begin? Plaza let the story slip on Aug. 18's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, describing how pulling a trick on one of her costars caused the hotel staff to track her movements over security cameras.  

The White Lotus: Season 2 Details

"I did a prank on one of the cast mates once when he didn't know," she explained. "I went into his room and I left this kind of witchy symbol made out of sticks on the floor."

Plaza added that her costar grew "really suspicious," so he asked hotel staff to identify the culprit over CCTV—which they did. 

"I was flagged in the hotel and in the town," she said. "I'm not allowed to go back to Sicily."

Francesca D'Angelo/HBO

But Plaza's coverup—that the hotel is actually haunted—may have some weight: According to Vulture, two of actors had nightmares about a bald man standing at the foot of their bed on the same night.

Watch all the onscreen drama for yourself when season two of The White Lotus premieres Oct. 30. 

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