Balenciaga's Very Literal Take on the Handbag Is Something You Need to See

Balenciaga is grabbing attention once more with their latest design: A literal handbag, one that you have to stick your hand into in order to carry it around.

By Alyssa Morin Oct 27, 2022 6:59 PMTags
Watch: Balenciaga Debuts $1800 Lays Potato Chip Handbags

Balenciaga's got a bag of tricks up their sleeve—quite literally.

The Spanish luxury label captured everyone's attention after debuting their Lays potato chip clutches earlier this month—and now, their newest design is proving to be just as hand-grabbing. For one, Balenciaga's latest tote-shaped creation features an opera-length glove that you stick your hand into to carry the bag—because handles are so last season! Once your arm is sleeved in, the accessory is meant to sit on your shoulder.

Fashion expert Violet Grace Atkinson showed off the brand's design in a now-viral Instagram on Oct. 25. In the short clip, she picked up the piece from a table and slipped into it in the same way you'd put on a leather jacket.

Violet's followers were divided by Balenciaga's design, as one commenter questioned, "How do retrieve anything from it?"

Another fan replied, "At least no one could steal it from you," to which another person quipped, "Okay now we need one for the foot too."

Stars' Tiny Bags

The label's latest look comes fresh from the Paris Fashion Week runway, where Balenciaga displayed the spring/summer 2023 collection on Oct. 2. The Frito Lays chip bags were also unveiled during the same show, in which models clutched the bags so tightly they almost went unnoticed.


Of course, this isn't the first time Balenciaga has taken the fashion world by storm with mind-blowing designs. 

For the 2021 Met GalaKim Kardashian sported a polarizing face cover, paring the mask with a black bodysuit that she layered underneath a matching dress tee and jersey boots. The bold look complemented Kim's BDSM-inspired outfits, which she had rocked leading up to the event. 

Kim has been loyal to wearing Balenciaga Creative Director Demna's creations. She even supported the designer when she couldn't make it to the Paris Fashion Week presentation, modeling a daring look from the new line.

"When I couldn't make it to the @balenciaga show @demna sent the show to me," she cheekily captioned her Oct. 5 Instagram, donning a dress made entirely of belts and bat-wing sunglasses.


While Kim has yet to display Balenciaga's literal handbag, there's no denying it would fit like a glove.