Would Lili Reinhart Do Another TV Show After Riverdale? She Says…

Lili Reinhart said that she most likely won't do another 22-episode television show after Riverdale, whose ending she finds "sweet."

By Spencer Lubitz, Angie Orellana Hernandez Oct 27, 2022 1:43 AMTags
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Lili Reinhart is saying goodbye to Riverdale, but that's not necessarily the last time viewers will see her onscreen.

The 26-year-old actress revealed that while she might not do a project as intensive as Riverdale again, fans could see her in perform in a specific type of television show or even make an appearance on the big screen.

"Right now with my production company, we have a lot of TV in development and film but, I think my heart's in both places, honestly," she exclusively told E! News at the Women In Film Max Mara Face of the Future Celebration on Oct. 25. "I think I'm not going to sign up for another 22-episode show, but I like a good limited series."

"That's seems to be what's lined up for me right after Riverdale—a limited series, so I won't say no TV," she continued. "It's all about the story. It doesn't really matter what kind of box you put it in. The standards are so high for TV right now, you can't really go wrong with that."

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While there's no word on what that limited series might be, she recently starred in Netflix's Look Both Ways, which was released on Aug. 22.

For now, the actress is processing what it means to receive the Face of the Future Award at the Oct. 25 event—an honor that took some time to click with her.

"I didn't really fully realize at first because of the imposter syndrome a little bit. I was like, 'Wait, why me?'" she shared, "But I think I've worked hard to be a positive advocate."

The mental health advocate added, "To be seen as a face of the future from an acting standpoint is very encouraging for me, someone who's worked for this my whole life. Basically, it's nice to feel like I'm being seen in that light."

Lili, who gained breakthrough recognition from playing Betty Cooper in Riverdale since 2017, also spoke about the highs and lows of filming the show's seventh and final season.

Kopaloff/Getty Images for Max Mara

"We just started a week ago, so I already went through my first week and it was really great to be back," she said. "I feel really grateful and happy. I'm trying to go into it with the attitude of like, ‘This is it,' so I'm gonna embrace it and enjoy every minute."

She teased that the drama was in the process of filming its first and second episodes, and that she knows "kind of a little bit" of how the show might end

"It's very sweet," she revealed, "and it kind of wraps the show up with a really beautiful sentimental bow, so I'm happy about it."

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