Nick & Vanessa Lachey Explain Why Not All the Love Is Blind Season 3 Couples May Get Happy Endings

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Love Is Blind hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey revealed what the season three couples will need to overcome to stay together. Find out their answer here.

By Charlotte Walsh Oct 26, 2022 6:29 PMTags
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The honeymoon phase for the Love Is Blind season three contestants might be coming to an end.

While the third crop of finalists from the hit Netflix series are basking in the glow of their engagements, hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey are teasing that some cracks will soon start to show. And according to Vanessa, it all goes back to what happened—or, specifically, didn't happen—in the pods.

"I think what we've done on this season is they didn't talk about a lot more things that they should have," she exclusively told E! News. "They all understood in hindsight. Some of them were like, 'I should have asked more questions about X, Y and Z [in the pods], and I didn't."

The NCIS: Hawai'i star also revealed that, during season one, the couples asked more questions about physical attributes—wanting to know who their partner's celebrity lookalike is, for example. But during season three, Vanessa said the daters didn't want to know what their significant others looked like at all. This ultimately caused conflicts, like Bartise Bowden revealing to fiancée Nancy Rodriguez that his second choice, Raven Ross, was more of his typical type, calling her a "f--king smokeshow."

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"They didn't want it to be all about the physical," Vanessa explained. "But then the interesting thing is it does play a factor to some of them."

And while this might be too much to overcome for some couples—especially given no pairs from season two remain together—Nick said all the Love Is Blind contestants come out changed, mostly for the better.

"At the very least, hopefully they learn something about themselves and something they can take with them in future relationships," he said. "I think that's the through line for all the seasons. Hopefully everyone has learned something about themselves—something about what they want in a relationship, whether or not they found it in this particular experience."


Now that the Love Is Blind season three honeymoons are over, Nick and Vanessa are giving five lucky couples the chance to have a reality-style vacation of their own. In a partnership with hotels.com, the couple is giving away five "Cuffing Season Stays," quick weekend trips where new couples can decide whether they want to lock down their relationship or leave it for the winter.

"When you travel with someone, you learn their ins and outs and their pluses and minuses and all that good stuff really fast," Nick noted. "There's no where to hide."

Love Is Blind season three premieres new episodes Nov. 2 on Netflix

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