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Original Bachelorette Trista Sutter is putting her reality-TV experience to use for us here at Watch With Kristin by blogging about Jillian Harris' quest for the perfect guy. Take it away, Trista...


I can hardly believe we've already reached the always crazy "The Men Tell All" special. I guess I should know how time flies, though, with two kiddos under 2 years old! Here's my take on some of the highlights...

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Looking pretty in purple, Jillian sits down with Chris for a let's-fill-this-two-hour-time-slot chat. They review the best and worst parts of the show, including when Ed decided to leave. Jillian admitted that she was upset but didn't truly understand how much she cared until he walked out the door and she started feeling the need to have a meeting with the porcelain goddess. Having always been a believer in everything happening for a reason, I truly think that he, in fact, needed to leave so that her feelings for him could be solidified. Seems backward, but in many instances, it's the rough roads that lead to the pot of gold. 

The one I most wanted to get her take on was Wes. She confirmed what most of America believes, including myself, that he was there 100 percent to sell his CD. She didn't say 99 percent or that she was "pretty sure," but 100 percent sure. Only he and Laurel knew the full truth about his relationship status going into the show, but what Jillian left no doubt about was that he used her and the show for his own selfish career gain. Now, I don't know her personally, but I will say that I believe Jillian to be of strong mind and character. Because of that, I can pretty much guarantee that she wouldn't just say those words to make the producers happy. I believe her. I believe Jake. I also continue to believe that Wes is a snake in the grass. 

Chris then showed off some never-before-seen footage, and OMG, the best part was seeing Ed wasted and stumbling through a conversation with Jillian. I've never thought it's a good idea to overindulge in the constant presence of alcohol on reality TV, but I'm glad Ed didn't follow that in Vancouver. Some of the funniest people have no clue they make people laugh, and let's just say that Ed was clueless!

Right up there too, but obviously for completely different reasons, was the footage from the visit to Kiptyn's charity, Stand Up for Kids. Even if his kisses make me cringe, he gets big-time kudos for his heart. 

Next up was a visit from the most recent Bachelor, Jason, and his chosen one, Molly. I'll just say that I'm happy to see they are doing well and leave it at that. 

Now for the entertainment: Thirteen of the guys return and proceed to take a note from the "Women Tell All" specials with cattiness up the wazoo. That is, all except for Wes (you probably can't sense my sarcasm through your computer screen, but bummer!) and Reid who "couldn't be there because of a prior engagement." Riiight. I know Chris has an earpiece and a script to go by, but from what I hear on the Twitterverse, Reid wasn't quite ready to say goodbye and makes a surprise appearance at the finale. Can't wait for next week to see if my twitterers got it right! 

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Here are some of the best (and worst) quotes and moments from the bantering boys:

  • Sasha's description of Jake, saying he's probably had the same haircut since he was 6 years old. 
  • David: "As far as I'm concerned, that's as bad as it gets," referring to Tanner telling Jillian someone had a girlfriend. So let me get this straight. You think that coming onto the show with a girlfriend is better? Tanner's just the messenger, though I still don't think he was right to put it out there and not follow through. 
  • David saying that Juan should "go drown himself." And everyone thought my "filth of the earth" comment about Wes was bad! 
  • Tanner F. saying that Jake "pulled a Mesnick," which is when a grown man leans over a railing and cries, aka Jason Mesnick. Genius. 
  • David saying that the problem he had with Juan was that he wouldn't drink with the rest of the guys all day. Why is that cool? Why does that make you a man? Maybe downing beers all day with the dudes in your frat house was cool back in college, but life after you graduate should mean more than throwing back a few cold ones—especially when you are trying to focus on finding love. 
  • I had been looking forward to seeing Jesse, but the hair lip has got to go! 
  • Chris pointing out that being on the Bachelorette is a true violation of David's warped man code and then backing up Juan saying that he has no obligation to explain himself to David for not doing a shot. "Who gives a crap" is right! Thank you, Mr. Harrison!
  • Tanner P. explaining that Wes winked at him that he had a girl back home and David saying "everyone has a girl back home." First, finally glad to hear where Tanner heard Wes had a girlfriend. Second, seriously, David? Did you not learn anything about how horrid your words and actions look to America when you watched yourself this season? Doesn't seem like change is in your near future, although I had hopes. 

After the alpha-male banter (as Jake put it), David gets a smack at the infamous hot seat. He continues to show his true colors (think lots of gray and black!), but the part that stood out the most to me was that he thinks it's a compliment to tell a woman she has a great ass after a month of knowing her. That may be true after a couple of months or years of marriage, but all we hear when those disrespectful words come out of your mouth is that you see us a piece of meat. Meanwhile, Juan points out that everyone was in the same situation. The fact that you were cooped up with a bunch of guys shouldn't be an excuse to be a belligerent jackass, David.   

Even though Wes "couldn't be there," his true intentions were still on everyone's minds. Of course, the producers had a bunch of good ol' clips to show us about our boy from Austin, and afterward, the guys chimed in like nothing else. Tanner F. revealed that Wes said he had a girl back home and that he wrote all the songs for her. Sasha, an obvious friend of Wes' even admits (as did David and Brian) "he was there for the wrong reasons, but not the reason that everyone is trying to play up." So it's OK to be there under false pretenses? With all due respect (and on the coattails of Chris Harrison who said it on the show), it makes no difference what the ulterior motives were for Wes to be on the show. Bottom line: He was completely insincere, used Jillian from beginning to end and is just all around creepy!

Time for the blooper reel. Holy hilarious. The one thing missing though was a "him and I" section. If you haven't noticed yet, it will become glaringly obvious to you when you see the next show and see how many grammatical errors Jillian makes saying "him and I." My friend pointed it out early on in the season (being that I wouldn't be able to pass a fifth grade grammar test!), and it's hard not to notice now.  It's all in good fun, but, Jillian, it's "he and I" (right?!).   

The biggest letdown of the night for me was that there was absolutely no talk of rings and engagement. During the show, Jillian was not shy about the fact that she expected a ring and a fiancé out of it.Yes, I am thrilled that she is happy, but not even a hint...a clue...a spoiler? I guess I'll just have to tune in and see for myself next week!

Check back here, same time, same place for a recap of next week's The Bachelorette. And follow Trista on Twitter at tristasutter or on her family website at


Check out the video of our interview with Jillian and some of the guys last week here.

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