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Carrie Prejean is writing a book, and it has nothing to do with learning how to give the perfect beauty queen wave.

Ultraconservative publishing house Regnery Publishing announced yesterday that it has inked a deal with the dethroned Miss California for her first book, Still Standing.

So what will it be about? And will Prejean actually write it herself?

The 22-year-old former lingerie model will rehash the gay marriage controversy that eventually left her tiara-less but a superstar of the right wing.

"It's not a book about gay marriage," Regnery president and publisher Marji Ross told me earlier today. "It's not a book about traditional marriage...She wanted to write a book about freedom of speech and the double standard that seems to exist when someone speaks their mind and doesn't happen to be politically correct or consistent with what a crazy Hollywood celebrity thinks is the right answer."

Ross insists Prejean will not have a ghostwriter. "It's not one of these things where she's only the face and it's not her words," she said. "She's writing it."

With an initial print run of about 100,000, Still Standing will be released in November.

Now we want to hear from you: Will you be picking up a copy of Prejean's book? Take our poll below.

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