Would It Kill Jonah Hill to Try a Little Harder?

We beg the comic actor to care, just a teeny-tiny bit, about what he wears on the red carpet

By Ella Ngo Jul 22, 2009 1:30 AMTags
Jonah HillJason Merritt/Getty Images

Just the latest in a long line of underdressed dudes, Jonah Hill hits the Funny People premiere looking like a schlubby '80s car salesman.

What is up with Hollywood guys slumming it on the red carpet?

Yeah, yeah, we get that Hill's whole schtick is that he's the dude who doesn't give a damn what people think about his looks—that's what made him a star.

But now that the Superbad guy can afford to clean up a little, it couldn't hurt him to care just a teeny-tiny bit about looking good on the carpet. It's not like he'll lose the funny if he adds a little fashion sense, right? It worked for Seth Rogen!

So, c'mon, Jonah, step it up!


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