Love Is Blind’s Raven Apologizes to Bartise for that Viral Workout Moment

Love Is Blind's Raven Ross is saying sorry for exercising while fellow contestant Bartise Bowden poured his heart out to her in the pods. Read her full apology here.

By Charlotte Walsh, Jordyn Rolling Oct 25, 2022 8:48 PMTags
Watch: Love Is Blind: Raven Ross Addresses Viral Pod Workout

Love Is Blind's Raven Ross is owning up to her mistakes.

After a clip from the show's third season—which showed Raven exercising while fellow contestant Bartise Bowden made an emotional confession—went viral online, the the reality TV star has revealed she was "traumatized" watching it back when it debuted on Netflix on Oct. 19 and wants to apologize.

"In the words of Keke Palmer, 'I am sorry to that man,'" she exclusively told E! News. "I really am sorry to that man."

Raven went on to say that the timing of her workout was "inappropriate," and takes "ownership of that," but explained that it came after an hours-long conversation. 

"I can totally see where people are coming from," she said. "But for me, you're in the pods for hours, you don't get to see every moment that we're in there, because we're in there for days on end. And so sometimes you just need a little bit of pep in your step, mental health check."

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Her costar Alexa Alfia came to Raven's defense as well, revealing that she "has hip problems," while Zanab Jaffrey told viewers to "let her live."

Raven agreed with her costars' assessments, saying she was stretching out "a bad hip."

"I'm a bad b-tch with a bad hip," she joked. 

In the clip, which was exclusively previewed by E! News on Oct. 18, Bartise opens up about the difficulties in his parents' marriage to Raven. But during his story, Raven begins doing a full-on gym routine on the other side of the wall, including reverse push-ups, a cat-cow stretch and jumping jacks.

"That was the beginning of the end for my parents' relationship" Bartise reflected during the episode. "This is crazy that I felt comfortable enough saying that. I would never have thought in a million years I would feel comfortable enough that I would share that f--kin' story. I can't believe I just did!"

Love Is Blind premieres new episodes Oct. 26 on Netflix.

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