Jonas Brothers' Twitter Picture

Nothing really beats a good costume gag…or three.

The Jonas Brothers apparently have found the ultimate cure for on-the-road ennui: wear a silly costume.

Perhaps we should have seen this coming when Joe did that ridiculous Beyoncé video, but we still got a chuckle when we clicked onto the photo they tweeted and saw Kevin, Joe and another band member dressed as the Three Little Pigs. (Question: Does that make Miley Cyrus the Big Bad Wolf?)

(Nick, however, is absent from the photo. Why such a party pooper, bud?)

It wasn't Kev and Joe's first goofball moments of the tour, either.

This weekend, Joe was spotted looking like he'd just arrived from a DeLorean. Monday, he showed his true, juicy colors as a bunch of grapes.

And big brother Kevin got in on the action—or, got some action, as the case may be—when he posed as a baseball player who grabs his fiancé's behind! Best costume yet!

So, again, we have to ask, where's Nick's suit?


Yeah, Nick! Why so serious? Oh yeah. This.

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