Ashley Park Teases a Special Musical Performance in Emily in Paris Season 3

In an exclusive chat with E! News, Emily in Paris star Ashley Park teased what awaits her character Mindy Chen and the rest of the Parisian crew when the series returns for season three.

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Mindy Chen is ready to spread her wings. 

With the highly-anticipated third season of Netflix's Emily in Paris on the horizon—all episodes drop Dec. 21 on the streamer—Ashley Park, who plays heiress and aspiring singer Mindy, gave E! News an exclusive tease of what lies ahead, particularly for her character's musical aspirations.

"With the music in season three, it feels like we're exploring really different genres and really different parts of Mindy," Ashley revealed. "I come from a musical theater background, so I really love when a song or performance isn't just about the performance, but there's storytelling in it."

Ashley, who recently partnered with Northwestern Mutual to support the brand's The Great Realization campaign, focused on the cultural awakening millennials are having in response to the past few years, said one season three performance in particular excited her the most. 

"You'll know which one I'm talking about when you see it," she said. "It's a cover of a song, but it's in a way that we haven't heard it. It's really intwined in what's happening in the story. I haven't gotten to see it, either. But I'm really excited about that one."

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As far as the rest of season three, Ashley said "the stakes are higher" and things are "even more elevated" for all involved.

As for what financial advice Ashley might give to Mindy, the 31-year-old actress was able to find similarities in their journeys.

"Her experience in Paris is like when I went to New York," Ashley said. "I was like, 'I'm gonna be a waitress, I'm going to work at Juice Press, I'm going to be a tutor, I'm going to be all these different things to try to make ends meet.' I think for her, she's trying to figure out a plan and even she gaslights herself to be like, 'Do I even deserve this?' What we see in season two, and you will see more in season three, is she's trying to figure out 'What is my dream?'"

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But in all seriousness, Ashley is determined to help millennials make their financial health a priority, dubbed as The Great Realization by Northwestern Mutual.

"Partnering with Northwestern Mutual for this campaign in particular was very impactful to me and genuinely something I connect to," Ashley said. "Yes, the goal-posts are changing and we are rewriting these archaic societal stigmas and expectations but all of a sudden we are thrust into this and have this opportunity and don't have the tools to do so."

See if Mindy figures it out when the third season of Emily in Paris hits Netflix Dec. 21.

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