Twilight Hottie Nikki Reed Lands Paris Hilton's Ex

The babe moves on (and up) from Robert Pattinson and is seriously dating Paris Latsis

By Ted Casablanca Jul 21, 2009 7:15 PMTags
Nikki Reed, Paris LatsisTodd Williamson/Getty Images, Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Seems we've finally figured out what Twilight babe Nikki Reed has been doing lately: Paris Latsis! Remember him—the megarich dude best known for being engaged to Paris Hilton?

Rumors have been floating around the Net that Ms. Reed has landed herself the Greek shipping heir—and then some. So are they actually together?

And is it serious enough to keep Nikki's fangs to herself and off Robert Pattinson when she gets up to Vancouver to start filming The Twilight Saga: Eclipse next month?

Oh, babes, you have no idea...

Paris and Nikki are so on.

"They met about six months ago and have been together since. The reason she traveled over to Greece was to be with [Paris]," spills a supertight bud to Nik. And we mean supertight.

Remember when we told you why N.R. was skipping out on Italy back in May? Well, she wasn't only spending time with her family, but it seems that she was introducing them to Mr. and Mrs. Latsis, too!

"Both families have met, and really like each other. That's how serious it's getting between [Nikki and Paris]," 'fesses a good friend of the couple. "Robert Pattinson is nowhere on the radar. She's upgraded, in her mind."

Remember all that unnecessary hype about Robki? We told you Rob was Kristen Stewart all the way, unlike certain other bloggers who insisted otherwise. All that messy crap that happened between R.Pattz and Nikki Reed way back in the day only fueled her motivation to one-up Robsten. And boy did she ever.

We may be way hotter for Rob than Paris, but Nikki is about to move herself up into the Hollywood elite now. While the rest of the Twilight crew figures out all of their messy love threesomes, Nik will just be laughing into her checkbook. She's going to be rubbing elbows with some of the richest and most powerful people in the friggin' world—people who don't even know who Robert Pattinson is. Shame on them, the heathens!

You know she's just thinking, "Take that you message board haters. I'm going to be so filthy rich I'll just buy the damn sites if I f--king want to."

Well played, Nikki, you sly, sly girl you. We love it.

But just how long will it last? Isn't that the real Q here?

Regardless, we hear Paris and Nikki are supertight, here in the States, as we gossip.

In other words? All that Robsten Vancouver watch later this summer is gonna get a whole lot more delicate now, since tabloid-target Latsis is now being thrown into the breathy, horny mix.

—Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder


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