Ellen DeGeneres Announces New Project 5 Months After Talk Show Ended

Five months after The Ellen DeGeneres Show ended, Ellen DeGeneres is stepping back into the spotlight with new YouTube series About Time For Yourself…with Ellen.

By Charlotte Walsh Oct 21, 2022 5:03 PMTags
Watch: Ellen DeGeneres Announces New YouTube Series

Ellen DeGeneres is returning to the small screen.

The talk show host, whose series The Ellen DeGeneres Show ended five months ago in May, is returning to the world of television with her new docustyle series About Time For Yourself…with Ellen, which follows DeGeneres as she keeps herself occupied with new hobbies while unemployed. 

"Hey everybody, how you doin'?" DeGeneres asks fans in a short teaser promoting the show. "Lately, I've been taking some time for just myself, away from the cameras, and I've been having such a great time, I thought I would share some of what I've been doing with you."

To do this, DeGeneres added that she simply asked wife Portia De Rossi to "get the camera!"

And, according to the series description, DeGeneres knows she isn't the only person struggling with having a little more free time than usual.

"In the wake of the Great Resignation, she's reconnecting with her audience who may also have more time on their hands, and if not, could certainly use some," the logline reads. "In this new series shot at her home, Ellen shares her own attempts to try new things and make a little me time in her own very Ellen way."

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The eight-episode series will feature DeGeneres learning hobbies like crocheting, bird watching and making cards, to name a few.


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About Time for Yourself...With Ellen premieres Oct. 22 on her YouTube channel

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