Psych: "Officially Comic-Con's Dirtiest Panel"

Our very own Jennifer Godwin was the moderator for the hilariously raunchy panelists of the irreverent bromance detective series

By Drusilla Moorhouse Jul 24, 2009 5:57 AMTags
Dule HillWendy Redfern/Getty Images

Thousands of screaming Comic-Con fans. Rumors of romance between the lead characters. Werewolves. Biting...humor! Hold the pineapple, fanggirls—New Moon can wait. Meanwhile, sink your teeth into our juicy recap of today's magical Psych panel—expertly moderated by our very own magical Jennifer Godwin.

Psych, the USA network's irreverent bromance detective series, is the OG version of CBS' similar newbie, The Mentalist—but funny. Psych returns for its fourth season Aug. 7, and in addition to some exclusive scoop, the panel shared their own premonitions about the future of our favorite fake psychic and his merry band of crime solvers.

Here's a recap of the merriment shared by James Roday (aka psychic Shawn) and his partner in crime, Dulé Hill (Gus)—not to mention the beautiful Maggie Lawson (Roday's—er, Shawn's love interest, ahem), Tim Omundson (Det. Lassiter), Corbin Bernsen (Shawn's dad, Henry), creator/executive producer Steve Franks and executive producers Kelly Kulchak and Chris Henze.

For such a family-friendly show, this raunchy group certainly earned Maggie Lawson's official declaration that the panel was one of the "dirtiest of the day"—but not without the encouragement of its moderator and audience.

When Jen invited fans to ask questions of their own, she warned that the panelists "don't want to hug you or sign your boob." At which point, Steve Franks interrupted: "Wait a second—let's keep it open." The panel agreed to treat boob signing requests on a case-by-case basis.

Later, Dulé revealed that his favorite nickname for Gus is Lavender Gooms, because it's actually his grandma's cousin's name, but "We call her Aunt Tit." Franks pointed out: "For the record, I did sign Aunt Tit's boobs earlier."

Another question posed to the group was actually a quote from the show: "Are you a fan of delicious flavor?" Dulé was not shy in his response: "For myself, I like chocolate. Dark, dark chocolate." Franks concurred, but we needn't directly quote his mention of hands all over melting chocolate. He's obviously quite fond of Dulé. Aren't we all?

When another fan asked the panel what other genre the show would like to spoof, James Roday answered, "I think I can speak for all of us when I say porn."

Seriously, everyone on the panel expressed enthusiasm for a musical episode, and thanks to the encouragement of an audience member, we continued on to the entertainment segment: a solo tap-dance by Dulé! The man can sing, dance and recite obscure '80s references without understanding a single word ("But you say it with conviction," Roday marveled)—so why doesn't Gus have a girlfriend? "It's very difficult to cast that part," teased Franks. Dulé agreed: "For some reason Halle Berry's turned us down."

But before the panel, we got the scoop on Gus' love life from Roday himself: The star of the show, who's also writing an American Werewolf in London-inspired episode this season, confirmed the Guster will find romance before the end of this season. Sadly for fans of Juliet and Shawn, the panel confirmed that Rachael Leigh Cook will be back for several episodes as the psychic's girlfriend. We predict it won't work out in the long run though!

Other notable upcoming guests stars include Heroes' Sendhil Ramamurthy, Robert Patrick (Terminator, X-Files), David Naughton—star of the aforementioned American Werewolf in London—and Reaper's Ray Wise (who also had something to do with Laura Palmer's death) in a Twin Peaks-themed episode.

But the bromance detectives can always count on each other to survive the scary times ahead. As Steve Franks told James and Dulé, "You guys complete each other...[Shawn and Gus] would be miserable without each other. They need each other."


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