How NCT 127's World Tour Made the K-Pop Idols "More United" Than Ever Before

As part of E!’s Backstage Pass, NCT 127 took fans behind-the-scenes of their sold out shows in Los Angeles and Newark, New Jersey.

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Let the world know that the USA loves NCT 127.

After fans—appropriately titled NCTzens—sold out their two shows, including one at Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles, the K-pop group felt even more determined to deliver the best concert experience possible.

"We couldn't wait to see our fans after so long," JOHNNY shared with E! News in an exclusive interview. "Learning that our fans missed us just as much got us really motivated."

The fans' love and energy was certainly felt Oct. 13 at the Prudential Center in New Jersey. Thousands of NCTzens showed up hours early to ensure they didn't miss a moment of a concert experience that lasts close to three hours.

Musicians Performing Live on Stage

"I truly hope that we can give them a show that'll make up the long time that our fans were made to wait," MARK told E! News. "We also want to fully make sure that our fans leave the venue feeling like they had a connection with us throughout the concert and that it was a solid, worthwhile experience."


As the boy band continues traveling the world including an online concert from Seoul's Olympic Stadium on Oct. 23, each member is making new memories.

Whether eating meals in different cities or having meaningful conversations during free time, NCT 127 has become closer than ever after—even if there was some fine-tuning in the beginning. 

"When it comes to traveling around the world, I think the members and I all had to go through a period of adjustment and struggles in performing in unfamiliar environments and on new stages at first," TAEYONG said. "In the process, we got to be more united and able to understand each other better."


And throughout the journey, every fan is making a difference. According to TAEYOUNG, the energy he receives at each show inspires the group to create new music. 

"As the emotions I feel and overall situations I experience are different and unique for each country, I personally get huge influences when working on songs," he said. "I hope that the fans also receive the emotions, enthusiasm and energy that we show at the concerts and this affects a part of their life in a positive way."

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Welcome to the States

During NCT 127's 2022 world tour, the K-pop group had two official stops in the States including a sold-out show at Los Angeles' Crpyto.com Arena on Oct. 6.

Dress to Impress

How does NCT 127 pick out their outfits? "Some outfits are suggested and prepared by the company and the style team to best suit the concept of the song," DOYOUNG shared with E! News. "But at the same time, we also have a lot of discussions to incorporate each individual's personality and style into them."

Night to Remember

After discovering NCT 127's Los Angeles show was sold out, JOHNNY said he felt "excited and thankful" for all the fans who made it possible. 

Don't Be Late

Fans arrived early to make sure they didn't miss a moment of NCT 127's concert in Los Angeles. "I am always grateful for our fans," JAEHYUN said. "It is thanks to NCTzens that we continue to get great opportunities and grow further."

Coast to Coast

On Oct. 13, NCT 127 sold out their second U.S. tour stop when they traveled to New Jersey's Prudential Center. 

Nonstop Fun

According to HAECHAN, the show kicks off with a bang. "The first song always makes me excited," he said. "As an opening of the concert, I think it's the moment everyone, including myself, looks forward to with tension and excitement." 

Gratitude Over Attitude

"I feel truly happy receiving the energy of the local fans and learning the culture at each show," TAEYONG said. "As the emotions I feel and overall situations I experience are different and unique for each country, I personally get huge influences when working on songs. So I hope that the fans also receive the emotions, enthusiasm, and energy that we show at the concerts and this affect a part of their life in a positive way."

Get in the Zone

The group's pre-show routine includes stretches, stress relief and just a bit of social media. "I pull myself together both physically and mentally prior to the performance," JUNGWOO said. "First, I gently warm up by doing stretching, then try to stay calm and relaxed." YUTA added, "I do several things—stretch out, warm up my throat and drink coffee. Lately, taking photos of TAEIL's daily life and posting on stories is becoming a routine." 

More to Come

There's no rest for NCT 127. "We are getting ready for a repackage album with new songs being added onto the track list," JOHNNY teased. "And we have a lot more tour dates coming up, so our fans around the world have a lot to look forward to." 

But Wait, There's More

TAEIL also has some plans that are sure to be music to fans' ears. "I'm planning to showcase a new song as a unit with HAECHAN at the upcoming NEO CITY : SEOUL - THE LINK +," he teased. 

Not Too Late

To hear more from NCT 127, make sure to listen to their new album out now. 

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