A Case for the Dadcore Aesthetic, Plus All the Ways to Shop the Effortless Look Starting at $14

The dadcore aesthetic is more than just an internet joke, and if you want in on the trend without raiding your dad's closet, you can shop these father-inspired finds at different prices.

By Ella Chakarian Oct 19, 2022 10:43 PMTags
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When you think of your dad's sense of style, chances are the phrase "style icon" doesn't cross your mind. "Trendy" or "cool" are terms that are probably low on that list, too. That, however, is subject to change by the end of this article— you just might start to look at your dad's seemingly dated joggers, trousers, trainers and other closet staples through a different lens. 

Today, I'm using my high school debate team skills to make a case for the dadcore aesthetic. While microtrends come and go as memes, internet witticisms and fleeting TikTok videos, the dadcore phenomenon rather operates as a practical and comfortable fashion revelation than a mere joke. The most pivotal styles often come from the most unexpected places, something that the dadcore aesthetic outwardly attests to. Designers, celebrities and fashion influencers everywhere have breathed new life into the trend that ties back to the unlikely culprit that are the worn New Balance sneakers on your dad's shoe rack.

On the surface, the aesthetic is derived from the seemingly uncomplicated way a dad stereotypically dresses. The aesthetic is comprised of loose-fitted silhouettes, neutral colors and garments that are thought of as outdated. As an extension of the normalcore trend, which basically takes mundane fashion to a hardcore level, dadcore proves that a few items go a long way. Much of the enticement surrounding the trend is that it is inherently off-trend. It stems from the fact that you are supposed to indulge in comfortability and simplicity. The way your dad dresses is effortless, and the trend urges you to adopt that same easygoing mentality. Everyone can do it, whether you're a resident fashionista or more passive with your style choices. This sense of organic inclusivity is part of what makes it so appealing.

Maybe you're privy to the wonders of the dadcore phenomenon, or maybe not. Chances are you've dadcore-d once or twice without even realizing. Regardless of that fact, the aesthetic is here to stay and if you're looking to shop the trend, I've got the intel on how to dress for the ongoing occasion. From all-white Reebok sneakers to oversized leather jackets and tailored trousers, this guide has all the dadcore pieces missing from your life.

Keep scrolling to shop the must-have clothes and accessories of the dadcore look at different price points that will have your dad asking, "Did you take that from my closet?" Take it as a compliment.

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Stradivarius Tailored Dad Pants In Wine

Nothing screams "dad" quite like a pair of trousers. A must-have component of the father-inspired trend is the seemingly dated tailored pant. Swap your skinny jeans for these effortless Stradivarius wine-colored pants that are both perfect for the fall and ultra-fitting for the dadcore phenomenon. 

New Balance Unisex 530 Sneaks In White And Pastel Green - Exclusive To ASOS

The New Balance sneaker is the dadcore uniform. Chunky sneakers became the footwear look of the moment, and they've been in the spotlight ever since. Instead of an often unsupportive, slim shoe silhouette, dadcore pushes the agenda of bulky and comfortable sneakers. There are all sorts of cute color combinations out there, like these unisex 530 sneakers in white and pastel green that you can get exclusively on ASOS.

Noisy May Tall Teddy Vest In Light Brown

When the dadcore trend took over the fashion world, it brought with it utility vests. While you might be used to seeing this outerwear garment in old photos of your dad's fishing trips, the vest is so much more than an outdated fad. This light brown teddy vest with olive green detailing, pockets and a high collar is a chic approach to the look.


Matching jogger sets were a thing long before we saw them on the NYC streets as part of the model-off-duty uniform. Dadcore demands effortlessness, and nothing says easy and leisurely like a sweatshirt and sweatpant combo. You can get in on the look with this electric blue sweatshirt and pair it with its matching cotton-blend bottoms.

Collared Sweater

The dad-inspired aesthetic brings with it collars on collars on collars, whether it's on button-down shirts, sweaters or anything in between. You can get this $25 collared sweater in an autumnal brown shade and wear it with a pair of slouchy jeans and chunky sneakers for a fit that your dad would be envious of.

Women's Oversized Sweater Vest - Wild Fable™

This collegiate-inspired sweater vest is a total throwback piece. Wear it as is or layer over a collared button down shirt for a more put-together look. To complete the dadcore look, throw on a pair of trousers and loafers.

Nike H86 Adjustable Washed Cap In Black

I sift through my dad's collection of baseball caps every now and then, and it never disappoints. If you want to start your own collection of vintage baseball hats, start with this Nike H86 washed cap from ASOS that is on sale for $18. It's perfect for one of those inevitable lazy hair days— which is what dadcore is all about, anyways.

Oversized Cardigan With Buttons

One of my favorite facets of the dadcore phenomenon is its rejection of structured silhouettes. It's so easy to make loose-fitting, relaxed ensembles with this trend, and a good piece to add to your closet to achieve that look is an oversized cardigan. This Mango cardigan with buttons would look great over a button-down top and a pair of tailored trousers. Not only would it work as a casual, everyday look, but you could also sport this fit in the office.

Vegan Leather Boyfriend Blazer

When I look at old photos of my family from the '80s and '90s, the defining features include big, curly hair— including the occasional mullet— red lipstick and oversized leather jackets. The leather jacket, especially, is a staple of the dadcore aesthetic. It's incredibly versatile and functional, and perfect for the fall. You can get this Vegan Leather Boyfriend Blazer for 50% off.

Reebok Classic Harman Run S Shoes

Dad shoes dominate every social media outlet, and Reebok is a frontrunner of that trend. Retro-style shoes are fun and comfortable to wear, like these Reebok Classic Harman Run S Shoes. If you find yourself twinning with your dad, just know you're doing it right.

Curve Oversized License Graphic Tee

Baggy t-shirts tucked into a pair of loose jeans and complete with a leather belt is one look that pops up on social media immediately upon typing the words in your search bar. Try out your own unique version of the look with these graphic tees adorned with band names and other designs from Cotton On. Right now, the $30 t-shirts are BOGO 50% off. 

Levi's Women's Low Pro Jeans

Levi's are undoubtedly part of the stereotypical '90s dad style. To really be in check with the look, opt for a lightwash, loose-fitting pair with a straight leg, like this pair that is currently on sale for $60 on Amazon.

UAURORAO Women Streetwear Sweatpants

Behold, the track pant. You might hate to love them, but you love them, nonetheless. I, myself, have some pretty distinct memories of my grandfather sporting the look at home during the weekends. I imagine that if he saw me in these track pants, he'd ask me where I got them from.

Stradivarius Loafer With Chain Detail In Black

Loafers are in, and I bet your dad is stocked up with all the right shoes to fit the trend. After all, he's the trendsetter here. These loafers with a chain detail are an edgy take on the look that can be worn casually or dressed up for the office.

NULOOQ Retro 70s Flat Aviator Sunglasses

Sure, slim sunglasses are a vibe, but nothing is as timeless and chic as aviator sunglasses. You can get this pack of aviator sunnies for $15. 

100% Organic Cotton Big Shirt

Go through the closet of any father-figure, and you'll find not one, not two, but multiple big button-down shirts. Typically thought of as a bland staple of work attire, the button-down shirt has proven to be much, much more. Wear this 100% cotton shirt over a dress, jeans, a skirt and just about anything else. It's currently on sale for a limited time when you use code FLASH.

ASOS DESIGN Smart Leather Belt In Black With Antique Gold Buckle

If you ask your dad what accessory he can't live without, he'll probably respond with a belt. We're talking about that one very specific black leather belt with a rectangular buckle, in either silver or gold. If you want one of those trusty belts for yourself, check out this one at ASOS for $14.

Reebok Women's White Club C Double Geo Sneakers

We've covered the chunky sneaker look extensively already, but if you want just one more option, check out these Reebok all-white platform sneakers that go with literally everything.

Jefferies Socks Womens Slouch Cotton Knit Socks 3 Pair Pack

If you've once cracked a smile or a laugh at photos of your dad wearing white socks pulled just a bit too high above the calf, say you're sorry. Long, slouchy socks are in, and you should definitely be stocking up on the comfortable essential for the fall. Get this pack of three cotton knit socks for $14.

Pocket Front Cropped Denim Jacket

The denim dadcore looks don't just stop with jeans. Denim jackets, preferably oversized and lightwash, are also part of the style. You can get this cropped, baggy denim jacket for $28 instead of $94, which is a total steal if you ask me.

Kickers Relaxed Sweatshirt With Embroidery And Vintage Stripe Trim

As most brands do, Kickers has made a comeback. The French footwear company that was founded in 1970 makes dadcore-related clothing that have returned cooler than ever before. This relaxed sweatshirt with embroidery and a vintage stripe trim might look like a piece your dad once owned, and that's the point. 

Double-Breasted Jacket

I will admit, I once viewed blazers as boring. Now, I have multiple blazers in my closet, and that collection is only growing. Each time I throw a blazer on, I feel like I'm copying my dad's office looks. This double-breasted blazer is a great addition to any wardrobe, and it's only $35 at H&M. It's a powerful piece that can easily be dressed up or down, and I'll never view it as unexciting again.

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