Keke Palmer Is Pregnant, Reveals She's Expecting First Baby on SNL

Keke Palmer is getting ready to jump into a new chapter in life: motherhood. The talk show host announced she is pregnant with her first baby. Read on for her exciting announcement.

By Kisha Forde Dec 04, 2022 4:50 AMTags
Watch: Keke Palmer Is PREGNANT: Watch Her Announcement on SNL

Congratulations to this woman.
Why? Because Keke Palmer is pregnant with her first baby. The actress shared the news while hosting Saturday Night Live on Dec. 3. During her opening monologue, Keke addressed speculation that she's expecting, before throwing open her jacket to reveal her baby bump.

Keke went on to share that she's "so excited" to become a mom and said it's the "biggest blessing."
Ahead of her exciting announcement, the 29-year-old opened up about stepping into a new chapter in her life and what her future looked like.
In addition to "pouring into myself more and saying no a lot more," the Nope actress reflected on the last year telling Glamour, "My 28th year has been highly insightful and empowering for me to step into my autonomy in an even crazier way than I ever have. I feel like when God gives you gifts, you want to make sure you do what you need to do with them. Do what you're meant to do."

As for what she's meant to do now? "A big part of that is taking responsibility over myself and protecting and loving myself," she said. "Stepping into that higher-self persona and observing me."

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The Emmy winner also revealed how she manages to keep control of her romantic life as a public figure.

"What saved me was putting myself first," she told the outlet. "That doesn't mean I'm not compromising, but my level of compromising is very tight, and not in the way of being selfish, but in the form of: I cannot go against what I think is right for me."

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 Added Keke, "In love, the main thing for us young women is that we end up contorting ourselves into a pretzel. I want us to know that—and this is something I tell myself—the only way I'm going to have love, and the love that I want, is if I love myself first."

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