BUSH's Gavin Rossdale Offers Up a Rare Look Into His Life as a Rockstar Dad

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Gavin Rossdale shared his thoughts on BUSH’s latest album and the memories he made with his three sons on tour: “I have such a cool relationship with my kids.”

By Mike Vulpo Oct 13, 2022 1:00 PMTags
Watch: Bush's Gavin Rossdale Talks Balancing Fatherhood and Music

Gavin Rossdale's boys returned to school with a rockin' answer about how they spent their summer vacation.

As BUSH prepared for the release of their new album The Art of Survival on Oct. 7, the band's lead guitarist and vocalist found himself savoring every possible moment with the three sons he shares with ex-wife Gwen Stefani

"I think it's all about just the time you spend with them," Gavin exclusively shared with E! News when discussing Kingston, 16, Zuma, 14, and Apollo, 8. "It's just unfortunate sometimes they have school and they have to be elsewhere. Everything is better when they're there."

It certainly appeared to be the case when BUSH hit the road this summer with Alice in Chains. In between enjoying local attractions like the Minnesota State Fair, Gavin and his sons made sure to make concert nights a family affair. 

"They are at a brilliant age now," he said. "They can totally relax and chill and the old ones can go around the place. One has a job doing this and that. It's just a fun process that everyone knows is a safe environment. They love it."

Musicians Performing Live on Stage

So does that mean his kids actually think he's cool? If you ask Gavin, they are impressed.


"Sometimes our shows are pretty physical and expressive," he explained. "You can be throwing guitars and sometimes I'm like, ‘I'm sorry to tell you that's your dad's life but I just love it.' I think they pick up on the authenticity of the performance, of the moment and the reaction that it gets and just it's a bubble we live in." 

As for the loyal BUSH fans who show up to concert venues amped for a show, Gavin said it just adds to an already unforgettable night. 

"It's really fun to just create that in a show and have that sensation everywhere and for them to experience that," he said of his boys. "All you want is for your kids to kind of be impressed by you or get the vote of confidence. I would hate it if they thought I sucked."


With school and other commitments closer to home in Los Angeles, Gavin's kids aren't able to attend every show. But according to the singer, he speaks to his sons two or three times a day when they are in separate cities.

"I have such a cool relationship with my kids," he said. "I keep on waiting to be sidelined. But we're just strong and it's beautiful." 

Gavin's relationship with his boys isn't the only bond that remains unbreakable. On Oct. 7. BUSH released their latest album and proved once again that they have no plans to slow down. Titled The Art of Survival, the album explores major topics like women's rights and climate change.

"It's the most fascinating, beautiful process to improve—you hope—silence and put something into the ether that you think about and care about," he said. "People have always been using their voices. I have so much energy."

And perhaps that's just one of the many reasons BUSH continues to thrive. While Gavin isn't quite sure how the band got "so lucky," he has a theory as to why the group keeps rocking on nearly three decades after their first album. 

"We have so much enthusiasm when we play and we really are into it and we are really, really good friends," he said. "I really like everyone in my band, genuinely.. For me to tour with them is such an active second family, my road family, my music world and we've been a pack of wolves now for a number of years. I just feel such strength with them. It's really a great place to be."

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