Lindsay Lohan, Labor Pains

ABC Family

Before getting our True Blood fix last night, we checked out Lindsay Lohan's latest flick, Labor Pains, which debuted on ABC Family. Our review in five words: Stick to spray tanning, Linds.

Not as genuinely funny as Mean Girls, and not as unintentionally hilarious as I Know Who Killed Me, the predictably heinous movie was more embarrassing for supersupporting talent like Cheryl Hines or Bonnie Somerville than it was for Lohan. We've grown to not expect much from Linds anymore. But babes like Cheryl and Bonnie are just going down with the skanky ship.

We even spoke to Somerville about it, and Bonnie dutifully relayed to us what it was really like to work with the infamous tabloid target:

Surprisingly, Bonnie chirped that she has "nothing bad to say about [Lindsay]. She is supertalented. I had a great time working with her."

Pretty vanilla compliments, doncha think? We can tell LiLo totally floored them with her personality while working on the flaccid flick. But what about L2 being more well-known for her extracurricular doings than for her acting? Think that'll make people stay away from watching?

"I'm bummed," said Somerville. "I hope people watch, because it's a really good movie."

Whatever you say to get yourself through the night (or costar), hon.


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