Mark Hoppus Will Dive Deeper Into Blink-182 and Cancer Battle in Upcoming Memoir

Mark Hoppus shared he's working an upcoming memoir that'll go further into his 2021 battle with lymphoma.

By Angie Orellana Hernandez Oct 11, 2022 1:39 AMTags

Mark Hoppus will soon go from "Adam's Song" to "Mark's Book."

The Blink-182 bassist recently revealed he's working on a memoir that details his life in the rock band, as well as his battle with lymphoma

"I started writing a book, actually, earlier this year," he told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview published Oct. 10. "I'm not that far into it yet but I'm writing a book about my life and experience in Blink and what I've gone through over the past year or so."

Hoppus is working with an editor and publisher to get everything in motion, though he indicated he won't share many details just yet. As he noted, "We're finalizing the deal and I'm really happy with the way that's coming together. I'm excited to tell my story."

The news comes 30 years after the formation of Blink-182, which now includes members Travis Barker and Matt Skiba.

The upcoming memoir will also give Hoppus his chance to share more about his 2021 cancer battle, which he accidentally shared on Instagram last summer when he only meant to inform his "close friends" list, he told THR.

The musician added that he didn't publicly announce for the "longest time" anything about his stage 4 diffuse large B-cell lymphoma because he was "scared and overwhelmed by the whole thing."

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"My world got really, really small. Like, I closed down and it was just my family and dear friends that were in my life," Hoppus recalled. "I was in the hospital chair for my third chemo session when I accidentally posted it to Instagram."

The world's reaction to the news came swift, Hoppus said.

"I remember staring at it and people started calling, like my publicist, manager and friends," he continued. "All of a sudden, it was like, 'oh, damn, I really screwed it up.'"

However, family and friends only had strong support from him.

"But as soon as it got out, there was such an overwhelming outpouring of support and love, not only from the world at large and people on Instagram and Twitter and Discord, but to old friends that I had fallen out with 20 years ago," he shared. "They came back into my life and, at that point, I felt like I turned a corner."

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The love pushed him to move past his fear.

He added, "I stopped being so afraid and started feeling like, 'OK, let's see how we can get through this by sharing my story.'"

The bassist has been cancer-free since September 2021. In an Instagram story at the time, Hoppus wrote he needed to get scanned every six months, but was overall feeling grateful.

"Thank you God and universe and friends and family everyone who sent support and kindness and love," he wrote. "Can I get a W in the chat?"

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