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Barbra Streisand is going back to high school.

Glee, Fox's new musical series about a struggling high school glee club, will use one of Streisand's classics in an upcoming episode. (After premiering in May, the show will return for its first regular season run in September.)

"Lea Michelle [who stars as Rachel Berry] is going to sing an iconic Barbra Streisand song," series co-executive producer Dante Di Loreto said Saturday at a screening of the second episode at L.A.'s gay film festival Outfest.

He declined to give a hint as to what tune its, but Jane Lynch, who plays cheerleading coach Susan Sylvester said, "Think of Barbra Streisand and the bow of a ship."

If that's the case, the song must be "Don't Rain on My Parade" from Funny Girl.

That's not the only thing we learned about Glee this weekend. Read on for more…

  • Cory Monteith, who stars as school quarterback and aspiring singer Finn Hudson, said Glee is giving him the chance to finally experience high school. "I dropped out in ninth grade and got a job at a car lot washing cars," the Canadian actor said. "I'm glad it worked out this way because I guess I'd still be working at Walmart or fixing a roof or driving a taxi."
  • The stars will be going on a nationwide tour of 10 cities in twelve days to promote the series at local high schools and malls. However, they will not be performing during the various appearances.
  • A soundtrack from the first season will be released in November or December from Epic Records.
  • An episode called "Wheels" was inspired by wheelchair-bound character Artie Abrams (Kevin McHale). "Everybody has to get in wheelchairs for a good portion of it," said co-executive producer Brad Falchuck. "There's a big huge wheelchair number, too."
  • Rachel's gay fathers won't be making an appearance in the first season. As for the future, Falchuk said, "You never know."
  • Chris Colfer, who plays gay glee club member Kurt Hummell, was so starstuck when Kristin Chenoweth shot a guest spot that Morrison presented him with a little gift after she was gone. "Matt gave me her cellphone number!" Colfer said. "I haven't called it…yet."
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