G-Eazy's Wildest Fan Encounter Will Make You Blush

By Paige Strout Oct 07, 2022 4:06 PMTags
Watch: G-Eazy Fans Have NO LIMITS to Get His Attention - EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

The life of a musician has its perks, one of them being the love they receive from fans.

But sometimes, fans like to show their devotion in unconventional ways. On the latest episode of E! News' digital series DRIVE!, rapper G-Eazy dished all about his wildest fan encounter while cruising around Hollywood in his 1965 Mustang Fastback.

The 33-year-old exclusively told host Austin J. Mills that fans will sometimes throw undergarments up on stage during a performance, some of which include interesting notes.

"Occasionally, a rather large bra will be thrown on stage, and on one side, there will be one phone number, and on the other, there'll be another," G-Eazy shared. "And I'm always curious, saying, 'Well, how would I know who this belongs to, the right or the left?' It's fairly bizarre."

As for whether he's gone on any dates with those fans? G-Eazy dodged the question and changed the topic, prompting Austin to react, "Possibly, wow."

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During the episode, G-Eazy credited part of his success to his hit collab "Me, Myself & I" with Bebe Rexha, as well as the song "I Mean It" off his 2014 album These Things Happen. But it's his fans that have maintained that success, as he stated that they are what drives him to succeed.

"When you sell out a concert in a random place and they're there for you—that feeling of knowing that you're seen and you're loved and you're liked," he said. "And these people that connect with your music are there, and they spent their hard-earned money to support you and your dream, it's no better feeling."

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And lucky for fans, new music could be coming much sooner than you think. Not only did the star reveal he makes music "every single night," but that he's "figuring out when I want to release my next body of work."

"It's all an expression of self, any form of creativity," he continued. "But the thing about any form of art is it's never finished, so I'm constantly tinkering and working on songs."

Hear G-Eazy chat about how he got his start—including which family member sparked his passion for music—in the full clip above.

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