Katherine Heigl Talks About T.R. Knight's Life After Grey's Anatomy: "That Really Pisses Me Off"

The ABC star confesses her fears about next season now that her best friend and costar is no longer on the show

By Natalie Abrams Jul 20, 2009 9:30 PMTags

Now that we know Katherine Heigl is officially returning to Grey's Anatomy next season, she has a few choice words about her best friend and former costar, T.R. Knight, not coming back.

In the clip above, Katherine talks about knowing she'd return to the show last year and her surprise that the show runners let that slip so soon. Also, she tells us what will be hard about the next season of Grey's now that a certain someone is missing from the opening credits. Not that they have them anymore, but still.

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Are you happy that Heigl is staying on and Knight is saying farewell? Or would a switcheroo be fine by you? Discuss in the comments.


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