R.Pattz vs. Taylor: Whose Six-Pack Is Supernatural?

Round 5 of our Twilight tourney pits Robert Pattinson against Taylor Lautner—to the core

By EOL Staff Jul 20, 2009 7:45 PMTags
Robert Pattinson, Taylor LautnerINFPhoto.com

Isn't it about time Taylor Lautner won a round against Robert Pattinson in our Twilight tourney? So, fellas—off with the shirts!

New Moon demands that our heroes—both sparkly and hairy—expose some flesh, so we can finally answer: Whose got the tastiest torso? Now, Taylor is kind of a workout nut, even pumping out of the back of a car if he has to. But R.Pattz does have a crazy-cut slim quality...and worked for it.

So what do you think—who's hottest at their core?


R.Pattz vs. Taylor: Round 5

Who has the best abs?
R.Pattz. Thin, strong and pasty—yum!
Taylor. Kid could crack walnuts in that navel!

Results so far: R.Pattz 4, Taylor 0


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