How Tyler Hubbard Is Bringing Hope and Joy in His New Season as a Solo Artist

As part of E!’s Backstage Pass, Florida Georgia Line member Tyler Hubbard took fans behind-the-scenes of his shows with Keith Urban on The Speed of Now World Tour.

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Don't mind Tyler Hubbard. He's just going to cruise right into his next chapter. 

For more than 12 years, the country music singer and Brian Kelley sold out arenas and made countless hits as the duo Florida Georgia Line. But after the pair decided to press pause to pursue other opportunities, Tyler is still getting his shine on with a solo career.

"I think this body of work represents me and who I am and I hope that as people listen to it, they get to know me on a more personal level," Tyler exclusively shared with E! News. "A lot of these songs are very personal to me and represent my life, but they also represent a lot of people's lives. I hope that it brings encouragement, hope and joy as people listen to it." 

Musicians Performing Live on Stage

This fall, Tyler has been performing on Keith Urban's The Speed of Now World Tour with special guest Ingrid Andress.


Tristan Cusick

Night after night, the singer is introducing fans to personal songs like "5 Foot 9," which was inspired by his wife Hayley Hubbard. He's also proud to sing "Inside and Out," a track dedicated to his 4-year-old daughter Olivia Rose

But in every set, Tyler is still paying tribute to the many years he dedicated his life to Florida Georgia Line by performing some fan-favorites.

"The last 12 years have been incredible," Tyler said. "It's been such a journey and such a ride getting to pursue it with my brother BK and get to chase a wild dream of being a songwriter and an artist. I definitely always want to pay my respects to that part of my journey, those songs, and all of that because, in my opinion without those years I definitely wouldn't be where I'm at right now."

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Back to Work

This fall, Tyler Hubbard is hitting the road and performing at select shows during Keith Urban's The Speed of Now World Tour.

Special Guest

When it's time to perform Florida Georgia Line's "Meant to Be," Tyler has been able to bring out special guest Ingrid Andress to add a special vibe to the massive hit. "Being on tour with Ingrid has been great," Tyler told E! News. "She's super cool and talented. I just thought there's sort of a moment missing on my show because Bebe Rexha is obviously not there and the crowd knows the song, but it's just not quite the same. I thought it was a cool opportunity to have her join me."

Gratitude Over Attitude

While Florida Georgia Line may be taking a hiatus, Tyler is still thankful for all of the memories. "I have a new gratitude for those years and for those songs and I know they're also a big soundtrack to a lot of the fans' lives and people want to hear those songs," he said. "It's been really cool to play a couple of FGL songs in my set and get to tell the story behind them and what they mean to me."



Big Hit

Tyler is blown away by the response to his solo single "Five Foot Nine." After initially wondering what fans would think of the song, the country singer is now inspired. "You just never know until you put something out how it's gonna work and it feels really good to see the success with the song," he said. "It's inspired me as I continue to write for the next album to keep elevating and writing music that works for country radio and also connects with the fan base."

Family Fun

Just because he's on tour doesn't mean Tyler is going to miss out on family celebrations. While in Chicago on Sept. 24, the singer celebrated his son Atlas' first birthday. "Being a dad and a husband is a really big priority in my life and I never want it to be overshadowed by my love and passion for what I do," Tyler said. "It's a fun thing to kind of balance and as often as I can, I try to have the family out because they love being a part of the road life."

Perfect Balance

"I love this season of my life," Tyler said. "I love the pace at which we're going and I'm always up for the challenge. It's been a lot of fun."

No. 1 Fan

Whether she's standing on the side of the stage or taking care of the kids at home, Hayley Hubbard remains one of Tyler's biggest fans. "She's my foundation," Tyler gushed of his wife. "What we get to do together is really amazing. It's really special and I'm really grateful because it takes a special, special woman to be able to do this life and she's built for it. And she's great at it."

Bright Future

"One thing that is really exciting in this new season is before, it was me and BK and the band and that was it," Tyler said. "Now it has shifted to the kids and it's fun to think about having these three kids grow up in a life where we get to travel and we get to play shows and make people happy." 

Biggest Takeaway

If there's something fans can take away from Tyler's journey, the singer says it's to trust your gut. "Following your passion and your heart and try not to let fear stand in the way," he said. "There are definitely times where I was fearful and thought, ‘There's no way I can do this on my own.' But I was patient and now I have a great team that I feel really supported by and feel I can do this."

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