See Kevin Can Wait Star Erinn Hayes’ Tongue-in-Cheek Kevin Can F**k Himself Cameo

Erinn Hayes' character was killed off on Kevin Can Wait, but she's making her return on the series finale of AMC's satire Kevin Can F**k Himself. Watch the preview here!

By Charlotte Walsh Oct 03, 2022 10:36 PMTags
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Erinn Hayes' television journey has come full circle. 

Five years after her Kevin Can Wait character was killed off in a couponing accident, Hayes is back to satirize her own Donna Gable on the series finale of AMC's Kevin Can F--k Himself. In this preview clip of the Oct. 10 episode, Hayes makes her return as Molly, Kevin (Eric Petersen)'s new girlfriend, who came into the picture just two months after his wife Allison McRoberts (Annie Murphy) faked her own death.

"I like having Molly here," Kevin's best friend Neil (played by Alex Bonifer). "You've given me—us—our lives back these last six months."

"That's nice, Neil," Molly replies. "But Kevin and I have only been together for four."

After the group points out that Allison has been gone six months, Neil says he would respond with, "Ding dong, the witch is dead," but that would be "insensitive." No wonder Allison faked her own death.

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The situation mirrors CBS' Kevin Can Wait, where Hayes was unceremoniously replaced with Kevin James' famous King of Queens wife Leah Remini. Fans weren't happy with her ending, which, according to James, was done to give the show "a longer life"—though shortly after, it was cancelled after just two seasons. Now, Hayes is coming full circle, playing her own replacement. 

Kevin Can F--K Himself, an obvious play on the original show, satirizes the stereotypical sitcom wife, doomed to love a laughable idiot. In the second season, Allison plots to fake her own death after she tried—and failed—to kill husband Kevin in season one.

Watch Hayes' return when the Kevin Can F--k Himself series finale premieres Oct. 10 on AMC. 

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