Lil Nas X Delays His Concert While Pooping Backstage

Lil Nas X briefly paused an Atlanta concert to answer to some urgent business in the bathroom. Here’s how he told fans he was pooping backstage.

By Angie Orellana Hernandez Oct 01, 2022 12:03 AMTags
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Nature calls, even on the old town road.

Lil Nas X had to momentarily stop his Atlanta concert for a quick bathroom break. The "Industry Baby" singer, who had stops in Atlanta on Sept. 27 and Aug. 28 for his Long Live Montero Tour, promised the audience that he would only take "a minute or two" while pooping backstage.

"I'm backstage, and this is, like, not a part of the show, but I'm taking a mean s--t, so please forgive me," Lil Nas X said in a video filmed by a concertgoer, where the audience is heard laughing in the response. "I'll be right back."

The "Panini" artist reacted to the viral video the next day, writing on Twitter that he was 100 percent serious on why he was late to the party.

"lmao people really thought i was joking," he joked. "i was literally back there dropping demons into that toilet."

Lil Nas X's Best Looks

Luckily, Lil Nas X didn't have a similar issue happen earlier this month when he strut down the catwalk during New York Fashion Week. The "Montero" rapper—who is Coach's newest ambassador—hit the runway on Sept. 12 wearing a leather vest adorned with pockets, leather shorts with belt accessories and purple jelly candles.

Before making his turn down the catwalk, Lil Nas X spoke to E! News about his boundary-pushing style.

Josh Sisk/For The Washington Post via Getty Images

"I'm always like let's try something that I haven't really done before," he told E! News' Erin Lim Rhodes. "With the help of my amazing stylist, Hodo Musa, she really makes sure I'm always right."

If he ever needs a fashion icon to look up to, Lil Nas X will turn to Rihanna: "She always does whatever the f--k she wants with fashion."

As for when he needs a confidence boost? He gives himself a little reminder. "'We're gonna make it through the day,'" he said. "And usually the days when I'm the most uncomfortable, I find it be the best days for growth."

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