Judd Apatow Hilariously Reveals How Daughter Maude Reacts to His Advice

Judd Apatow loves to give his daughter, Euphoria star Maude Apatow, advice. Does she listen? Here's what the Bros producer had to say.

By Amy Lamare Sep 30, 2022 11:00 PMTags
Watch: Judd Apatow Says Daughter Maude Ignores His Acting Advice

Long story short: Judd Apatow doesn't want his daughter Maude Apatow skipping lunch.

At the Sept. 28 red carpet premiere of Judd's groundbreaking film Bros, E! News' Francesca Amiker asked the father of two what kind of advice he gives his daughter Maude, who stars in HBO's Euphoriaor if she ever asks for advice.

"No advice. She doesn't ask for it," he exclusively told E! News. "I'm giving it constantly and then it's just ignored—and then she succeeds and that makes me think, 'I guess the advice was just unnecessary.'"

Amiker had one more question for him: "What kind of advice are you giving that she's ignoring?"

Judd deadpanned, "Pack a lunch. You're going to get hungry."

Maude has spoken out about how she's been called a nepotism baby—because she got her start in films and TV shows her father either wrote, directed or produced—often alongside her mother Leslie Mann and sister Iris Apatow. "It's so early in my career, I don't have much to show yet," she said in a Sept. 5 interview with Net-a-porter, "but hopefully one day I'll be really proud of the stuff I've done by myself."

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Maude is well on her way to that goal with her role as Lexi Howard on Euphoria. She's even got a whole new fan following, as her father hilariously discovered. 

"I went online and I looked at my Twitter feed and I saw that my name was trending and the first tweet was something like ‘Judd Apatow is Maude's dad?!'" he said on the Mar. 28 episode of The Last Laugh podcast. "And then someone else was like, ‘Who the f--k is Judd Apatow?'"

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Maybe he'll be asking her for advice one day soon.

Bros hits theaters on Sept. 30. 

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