The Kardashians Gives Inside Look at the Day Kylie Jenner Gave Birth to Baby Boy

The Kardashians showed how Kris Jenner was by Kylie Jenner's side as the makeup mogul welcomed her son with Travis Scott in February. Find out what went down before their second baby was born.

By Lindsay Weinberg Sep 29, 2022 7:30 PMTags
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Fans are finally getting to see how Kylie Jenner's angel baby made it Earthside.

Kylie and Travis Scott welcomed their second child, formerly known as Wolf Webster, on the so-called Angel Date of Feb. 2, 2022. But it's taken six months for the cosmetics mogul to give viewers a full look at her son's arrival.

On the new episode of The Kardashians, out Sept. 29, Hulu cameras capture mom Kris Jenner learning that her daughter is in labor in the middle of the night. Kris' partner Corey Gamble alerts her to the news: "Babe, wake up. Kylie just went into labor."

Kris springs into action, saying, "She's gonna want snacks," while grabbing bags of kettle corn, chili cheese-flavored snacks and cheese puffs (naturally). "I can't believe this is happening," Kris says. "This is crazy. We're gonna have a baby!"

In a confessional, Kris reflects on the milestone: "When Kylie went into labor, it was such an exciting night. And no matter how many times you've been through this, it's still a scramble." 

Out in the garage, Kris takes one look at their vending machine stocked with bottles of bubbly.

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"Should we bring a bottle of wine? Champagne?" she asks Corey, who at first questions her decision but eventually replies, "OK, I'll grab champagne." As Kris jokes, "Why wouldn't we have champagne? It's a celebration, babe, we're having kids." 


At Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai Hospital, the cameras capture Kylie in a black top, black comfy pants and slippers preparing to give birth. "Mom's here! She's always pumped and ready to go," Kylie says, before adding in a confessional, "I feel like with my second, you just anticipate everything, and you know what's going to happen and you've done it before."

The 25-year-old recalls, "I feel like I was a lot more present this time."


The screen goes black while Kylie welcomes her baby boy, though viewers can hear cheers from those in the delivery room: "He's out!" "Your son is here!" "There's the cry," and "Happy birthday, 2/2/22."

While Kylie still hasn't shared the new name of her baby boy or a photo of his face, she gave a glimpse of her newborn with a sweet picture of his hand on The Kardashians.


It was just a couple weeks after his arrival that Kris revealed the significance of her grandson's birthday. "She got the best birth date. It was 2/2/22. That's an angel number," she told Ellen DeGeneres in February. "2222 has always been Kylie's angel number and a friend of hers got her a necklace with that number and she was wearing it when she gave birth."

Watch the meant-to-be moment on the full episode of The Kardashians, streaming now on Hulu.

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