Love Is Blind’s Deepti Vempati Reveals Her Thoughts on Kyle Abrams' New Girlfriend

Love Is Blind's Deepti Vempati confirmed that she has met her ex Kyle Abrams’ new girlfriend. Learn what Deepti thinks of Kyle’s new partner and what she wants for him after their breakup.

By Kelly Gilmore Sep 28, 2022 1:53 AMTags
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Love may be blind, but Deepti Vempati's respect for her ex is clear to see.

Love Is Blind star Kyle Abrams recently announced that his and Deepti's relationship had come to an end. In that same announcement, Kyle informed fans that he is now in a new romance with someone else. As for how Deepti feels about Kyle's partner? When asked "do you approve?" on the Sept. 27 episode of the Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe podcast, Deepti declared, "Yeah, I do."

"Actually, I've met her a couple of times because Kyle and I run into each other all the time in Chicago at the same events and things," she noted. "She's so sweet! She even came up to me and was like, ‘You're so sweet!' And I'm like, 'Yeah, of course I'm not going to be a mean girl. That's not who I am at all.'"

Reflecting on their new dynamic, Deepti said of Kyle, "I just want him to be happy and do whatever he wants with his life."

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But just because Deepti is on good terms with Kyle's new partner doesn't mean the adjustment of being with other people was easy for her. She shared that because of their breakup, she and Kyle are "different types of friends now"—and moving on with new romances played a factor.

"It's like, we can't go back to that same type of friendship we used to have because once you cross that line, it's just too hard… feelings aren't an on and off switch," she noted. "It was too hard for me to see him with other women. I don't know how he felt because I was dating someone else, too."

She added, "It's really hard to go there and cross that boundary. Especially if he's in a new relationship or seeing other people, I don't want to like intervene in that."


Kyle and Deepti first crossed paths during season two of Love Is Blind. However, it wasn't until after the show that Kyle made his feelings for Deepti crystal clear during the reunion episode. After that, the pair kept fans on their toes about whether or not they were an item. And it wasn't until the Love Is Blind's After The Altar episodes, which dropped Sept. 16, that Deepti and Kyle confirmed their romance.

Just a few days after the episodes aired, Kyle took to Instagram to announce they had parted ways in early summer after it was filmed. Although Kyle's post didn't give a reasoning for their split, Deepti shared what went wrong in her eyes during the podcast episode.
"We spent so much time in L.A. together. We got a place for a month and like it was 24/7," she said. "In a relationship, you just like need some space and especially me, I need to recharge. Kyle's a pretty flirty person and so for me, I can sometimes be an insecure-relationship attachment style."

She noted, "We recognized that we weren't bringing the best out in each other."

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