LeAnn Rimes’ Husband Eddie Cibrian Films Her Breaking Down in Nearly Nude Music Video

LeAnn Rimes stripped down for her “spaceship” music video, where she displayed a range of feelings while singing. Learn about the project that her husband Eddie Cibrian filmed in just four takes.

By Kelly Gilmore Sep 27, 2022 11:55 PMTags
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Her music and his iPhone skills are a match that was written in the stars.

LeAnn Rimes released the music video for her track "spaceship" on Sept. 27, an intimate video that shows LeAnn in a desert setting while sporting just a brown blanket and a range of tense emotions. Towards the end, LeAnn drops the fabric and walks into the distance while in the nude—and it was all filmed by her husband, Eddie Cibrian.

As for how this footage came to be, Eddie and LeAnn where on an RV trip through California when creativity struck, per a press release obtained by E! News. During that moment of spontaneity, Eddie shot the project on his iPhone in just four takes under 30 minutes.

"We were on our way back from Mammoth when I said we should stop in Alabama Hills to scout a possible location," Eddie recalled, per the release. "Once we got there and found a spot, the sun was setting and there was something magical at that exact moment. We knew we needed to capture something then."

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Eddie noted that the filming experience was "intimate, emotional and powerful."

The song serves as the focus track of LeAnn's new album god's work.

"When we were writing and working on the track, we were still in the midst of COVID and the feelings of isolation and despair were everywhere around us," LeAnn shared. "While reflecting, I realized that there's a lot of hope that comes from letting it all out and expressing these harder emotions."

It seems this was just the latest way Eddie has supported LeAnn's musical vision. After all, LeAnn exclusively told E! News in May that when it comes to her career in music, Eddie is "super supportive."

"He's constantly supporting me and when he's on tour, he's always on the side of the stage jamming out," she said. "You'd think he would get bored of hearing me but he seems to light up every time."

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