KTLA's Mark Mester Fired After On-Air Reaction to Co-Anchor Lynette Romero's Departure

After KTLA announced Lynette Romero was leaving the news station after 24 years, her co-anchor Mark Mester went on-air to criticize management’s handling of the exit. Now, he’s been fired.

By Mike Vulpo Sep 23, 2022 6:57 PMTags
Watch: KTLA Anchor FIRED After On-Air Reaction to Co-Anchor's Departure

The local news anchors are now making national news. 

E! News can confirm Mark Mester is no longer employed by KTLA. The news comes less than a week after he criticized on-air how the Southern California station went about his co-anchor and close friend Lynette Romero's sudden departure. 

"I want to start off by offering an apology to you," Mester told viewers Sept. 17 while anchoring the KTLA weekend morning show. "What the viewers experienced was rude, it was cruel, it was inappropriate and I'm so sorry. I also want to say sorry to Lynette Romero because Lynette, I love you so much. You literally are my best friend. You do not deserve what happened to you."

KTLA would not comment on the reason behind Mester's termination.

So what happened to Romero? On Sept. 14, KTLA anchor Sam Rubin surprised viewers when he announced her departure after more than two decades with the station. 

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"After nearly 24 years, our friend Lynette has decided to move on," Rubin shared on the air. "KTLA Management had hoped she would stay here her entire career. KTLA worked hard to make that happen, but Lynette has decided to move onto another opportunity elsewhere. Lynette we wish you luck. We miss you and we thank you for everything you've done."

On Sept. 23, KTLA's Vice President and General Manager Janene Drafs reiterated that sentiment in a statement to E! News.


"After 24 years, Lynette Romero has decided to move on from anchoring our weekend morning news," she said.  We really wanted her to stay, and KTLA Management worked hard to make that happen. Lynette decided to leave for another opportunity. We had hoped she would record a farewell message to viewers, but she declined.  Lynette has been a wonderful member of the KTLA family and wish her and her family the best." 

E! News has reached out to Mester and Romero for comment and has not heard back.

Earlier this week, Romero posted a message on Twitter writing, "I will always be grateful for the love and affection L.A. viewers have given me. Stay tuned my friends I'll be right back."


Many viewers have expressed their disappointment with KTLA's handling of Romero's exit. In KTLA's Instagram post announcing her departure, many had questions for the station.

"What is happening at KTLA?!?" one user wrote. "This seems so weird that Lynette herself would not say goodbye to her loyal viewers! This makes me so sad. She was the heart and soul of KTLA and was so professional."

Another added, "Why didn't she make the announcement herself? Seems so sudden."

On what would turn out to be his final day anchoring the KTLA weekend morning show, Mester reportedly arranged for a plane to fly over the station with a banner that read, "We love you Lynette."

"All we can say to you Lynette Romero this morning is we love you and miss you," he said. "We are going to offer you dignity and grace, which is what this station should have done from the beginning…I'm going to miss you on this set each and every day."

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