Meghan Trainor Reveals the Parenting Advice She Gave Hailey Bieber

Meghan Trainor got candid about motherhood, the parenting advice she gave Hailey Bieber, side-by-side toilets and more during a Sept. 21 interview with Romper. Here's what she had to say.

By Alexandra Bellusci Sep 22, 2022 10:38 PMTags

Meghan Trainor's lips are moving and she's talking all things motherhood. 

The singer, who is mom to 19-month-old son Riley, revealed the crucial piece of advice she gave her friend Hailey Bieber during a Sept. 21 interview with Romper. She told the supermodel, who married Justin Bieber in 2018, "‘The best thing you can do when you have a baby is find a group of moms and join them.' It's our lifelines." 

Meghan is grateful for the bond she shares with her friends, even taking a moms' getaway over the summer with Hilary Duff and Ashley Tisdale

"I got lucky. All the moms in our group are so cool," she revealed. "The other day I texted them like, ‘My butt is acting up,' and someone sent me their butt doctor—literally saved my ass." 

That's not the only bathroom talk Meghan spilled in the interview. The Grammy winner also shared how she really feels about the internet going wild over her revelation that her and husband Daryl Sabara have two toilets side-by-side in their main bathroom. The reason? Having to wait her turn for the toilet after waking up every few hours to change her son.

"I'd be like, ‘I have to piss! Move it!'," she explained. "He was like, ‘OK…' But it's my favorite part of the house." 

However, going number two next the Spy Kids actor is where Meghan draws the line, saying they tried it once but, "He's a smelly boy."

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The Grammy winner is happy to do all parts of life with her husband and reflected on how actress Chloe Grace Moretz set her up with Daryl, who she married in 2018."I told her I wanted to hook up with someone," she explained. "I was like, ‘I'm a pop star, and I'm not even getting laid.' But then he kissed me at the bowling alley after I had a strike, and it was a magic moment."

Even though Meghan found her prince charming, their journey to parenthood wasn't the easiest. From difficult weight gain to a last-minute C-section, Meghan shared she went through the ringer.


"I'd gained 15 COVID pounds before I got pregnant, so I felt massive," she confessed. "And my face was breaking out with a dermatitis, so it was like eczema all around my mouth. I had gestational diabetes, so I had to test my blood all day long. I was over it."

But these days Meghan is all about that happy feeling.

"It's everything I ever dreamed of," she shared about her life today. Adding, "Years ago, when people asked, ‘Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I'm like, right here. But I never even thought it could be this good."

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