Demi Lovato & Trace Cyrus: Twittermancing IRL

The Disney star and Miley Cyrus' older bro meet in real life after months of twittering back and forth

By Jennifer Cady Jul 17, 2009 10:10 PMTags
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Twitter lovers Demi Lovato and Metro Station front man (or, more importantly, Miley Cyrus' 20-year-old brother) Trace Cyrus have been @ replying each other with flirty tweets for a while now.

Last time we checked in on the two, there were lots of <3s as they counted down the days until they would reunite in Los Angeles. "@tracecyrus 5 days!!! :D :D :D," she would tweet while he would echo her enthusiasm: "@ddlovato so soon! I'm so ready to get home to you."

And then it happened. They were both in the same city and could finally talk in person rather than bothering the whole Twitterverse with their sweet nothings. "@ddlovato I've been looking forward to today for so long now. It feels like it's taken years," Trace wrote.

So what did the two do with their precious days together before Trace was scheduled to fly off to Virginia to tattoo one of his last remaining open spaces of clean skin?

They cut back on the twittering and were "hanging out every day," according to a source.

They saw Transformers at Universal CityWalk, and sources add, "They have been watching a lot of movies at his house as well."

Then, on the day he was to leave, Demi tearfully twittered, "Please don't leave.... You just got here.. :(" And just like that, his plane's door broke and he got an extra day in L.A.

@fate good work, u r the best :D :D

Trace has since left behind his darling and embarked on a new tour. But always remember, Demi, "You already know your becoming the lyrics to my songs."

There's nothing like watching young <3 blossom in real time. Thank you, Twitter.

—Additional reporting by Whitney English


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