Joshua Jackson Reveals the Moment He Finds Jodie Turner-Smith Most Beautiful

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith shared how they pull off their fierce red carpet looks. Plus, find out who is a big supporter of bargain shopping.

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The look of love has never been more fashionable.

When Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson walk the red carpet, it's hard not to stop and admire their chemistry and clothes as they pose for photographers. After wowing at award shows and the Met Gala, the duo is reflecting on their unofficial title as one of Hollywood's most fashionable couples

"I would say that I follow her lead," Joshua exclusively shared with E! News when discussing his style. "It's good to know the things that you're good at and it's good to know the things that somebody else is better at and Jodie is better at that. I am happily there to reflect her dress."

While Joshua admits that he's "still learning" how to dress himself, he believes his wife has completely nailed the fashion game. And while many ooh and aww over Jodie's fashion sense on the red carpet, Joshua makes a case that she's most beautiful at home.

Jodie Turner-Smith Best Looks

"She is undeniably one of the most beautiful women on the planet," he gushed. "And she always smashes it when she's on the red carpet. That is truly a wonder to behold. But I will tell you, that there is nothing like waking up in the morning, opening my eyes and seeing her face in the morning."

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For Jodie, she remembers growing up with an "extremely fashionable" mom who would take her on shopping trips. "My mother is very pro outlet," the actress joked. "She loves a sale, honey. She loves a deal."

But as she has gotten older, Jodie has received opportunities to wear gowns from Gucci, Christopher John Rogers and other world-famous brands. One dress Jodie will never forget is her 2020 BAFTA Awards look where she was pregnant and secretly married to Joshua.

"It's so magical because it was me, plus baby, plus pregnant tits," she said with a laugh. "Plus the glow of premiering my first movie in London. It was just super duper magical."

Frankie Mark/motorola razr

This month, both Jodie and Joshua are teaming up with Motorola razr to help the next generation of designers. As part of The Call That Started It All, the couple hopes to inspire, celebrate and uplift Generation Next, providing resources and grants to finalists to further their careers in fashion.

"I think the most fashionable are the people that I look at and see that they're truly just expressing whatever portion of themselves is at the surface at that moment," Jodie said. "I think that's really, really special. It's less about what everyone else is doing and just what you feel really good in and that will come through."

And with every red carpet appearance, Jodie tries to follow one rule any fashion lover can live by: Just have fun.

"I think fashion is costume and costume is play," she said. "It's an expression of how you feel in the moment or how you want to feel or who you want to be or who you are."

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