Dancing With the Stars' Joseph Baena's Hollywood Role Model Isn't Who You'd Expect

Following the Dancing With the Stars premiere, Joseph Baena and partner Daniella Karagach caught up with reporters to tease what's to come in the ballroom.

By Cydney Contreras Sep 20, 2022 7:08 PMTags

Joseph Baena is looking to an unlikely Hollywood star for inspiration as he competes on Dancing With the Stars.

The star, whose father is actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, spoke to reporters after making his debut on season 31 of the reality show Sept. 19. During the conversation, Joseph shared that he's excited to move forward in the competition series because next week, they'll be dancing to the music of Elvis Presley.

"Elvis was just so revolutionary in what he did," Joseph told reporters. "How they depicted it in [Baz Luhrmann's Elvis] movie, they did a fantastic job. I'm just appreciative of how he stepped out of the boundaries and did what he wanted to do, even though his manager and everyone around him didn't want him to speak out and break those boundaries."

Joseph continued, "He's a big role model, rest in peace."

Professional dancer Daniella Karagach stopped her partner from revealing the song they'll be dancing to. However, she did say that the dance will be "elegant."

Dancing With the Stars Season 31 Scorecard

Joseph noted that dancing elegantly has been a difficult task for him, as he's a muscular guy, much like his dad. Thankfully, he has Daniella, who won season 30 with Iman Shumpert, as his coach. "She really did a number on me and worked on me to become light on my feet," he said. "We worked really hard."

ABC/Andrew Eccles

The hours Joseph spent in rehearsals paid off, with the judges likening him to Iman. For Joseph, this was a huge compliment, saying, "He was an NBA athlete and to be compared to an all-star athlete and champion, it's like man!"

But Daniella wants Joseph to forge his own path on the dance floor, adding, "He was special in his own thing, but Joe is bringing something truly special as well. It's cool to see him being turned into a ballroom dancer." 

See how Joseph does on the dance floor when Dancing With the Stars streams live Mondays on Disney+.

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