Here’s Why Florence Pugh and Chris Pine Missed the Don’t Worry Darling Event in New York

Florence Pugh and Chris Pine explained why they couldn't be in attendance with a video message to fans at a Don’t Worry Darling event in New York City.

By Angie Orellana Hernandez Sep 20, 2022 2:37 AMTags
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Don't worry, there's an explanation.

Two missing faces from Don't Worry Darling's New York City event still made a surprise appearance.

Though not in attendance with the rest of the cast, Florence Pugh and Chris Pine greeted the audience with a video message before the movie's Sept. 19 screening and explained their absence from the event due to scheduling conflicts. The duo are currently working on their own separate projects, with Florence filming for Dune: Part 2 and Chris working on a movie in California.

"Even though I'm working halfway around the world," Florence said in their joint message, with Chris adding, "and I'm all the way in Los Angeles in production myself."

Florence continued, "We did not want to miss this opportunity to thank you for coming to experience Don't Worry Darling in IMAX."

Pine told the audience that they're in for a "thrilling ride" and he hopes they enjoy the movie.

2022 Venice Film Festival: Star Sightings

Though Florence has skipped various appearances for Don't Worry Darling—with some speculating that this could be due to a fallout between her and director Olivia Wilde—she has previously taken time to thank supporters and the movie's cast and crew for their work on the project.

The Midsommar actress wrote a message following the film's Sept. 5 at the Venice Film Festival, where she only appeared for the premiere and red carpet before jetting back to work on Dune 2.

Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

"What a moment this was. A massive congratulations to everyone standing on that carpet," She wrote on the Sept. 7 Instagram post. "We premiered in Venice! A huge wonderful win in itself. I'd never been to Venice Film Festival before.. It was mega! The crowds! The cheers! The energy was incredible."

She added, "And to all the cast and crew as well who helped to make this movie, thank you for all of your hard work. We genuinely wouldn't have been there without your talent and we appreciate it hugely." 

The film's cinematographer also recently denied any rumors of tension on set, trying to quash the gossip once and for all.

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