See Prince Harry and Prince William Form United Front at Queen Elizabeth II's Funeral

Prince Harry and Prince William have reunited once more, amid years of tension, to pay their respects to their grandmother Queen Elizabeth II at her state funeral.

By Corinne Heller Sep 19, 2022 10:30 AMTags
Watch: Prince William & Prince Harry Hold Vigil for Queen Elizabeth II

Prince William and Prince Harry have united once more, to say their final farewells to their grandmother Queen Elizabeth II at her state funeral.

On Sept. 19, the brothers joined their father King Charles III and the rest of the royal family in escorting the late monarch's coffin in a procession from London's Palace of Westminster to Westminster Abbey, where a memorial service was planned. William was accompanied by his wife, Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, as well as their eldest children Prince George, 9—now second in line to the throne—and Princess Charlotte, 7. Harry was joined by his wife, Meghan Markle.

During the service, participants will perform the newly amended U.K. national anthem, "God Save the King," after a two-minute moment of silence for the Queen.

Following the service, the queen's coffin, draped in the Royal Standard with the Imperial State Crown and the Sovereign's orb and sceptre, will travel in procession to Wellington Arch, and then to Windsor Castle for a Committal Service at St. George's Chapel. The Prince and Princess of Wales and Duke and Duchess of Sussex are all scheduled to attend.

Prince William and Prince Harry Help Hold Vigil Around Queen's Coffin

The queen, Britain's longest-reigning monarch, died at age 96 on Sept. 8 at her vacation home Balmoral Castle in Scotland. Prior to her funeral, William and Harry, whose relationship has become strained in recent years amid the latter and Meghan's 2020 royal exit, reunited publicly three times—most recently at a vigil by their grandmother's coffin in Westminster Hall.

Two days after the queen's death, the brothers and their wives greeted mourners in what marked the first joint event for the couples in more than two years.

Last week, also accompanied by their spouses, William and Harry walked next to each other to help escort the queen's coffin in a pre-funeral procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall, where the queen's body lay state for four days before her funeral. Scenes of the brothers then and now were both reminiscent of when, as children, they followed their mother Princess Diana's casket at her own state funeral in 1997.

Following the queen's death, Charles gave his previous title of the Prince of Wales to William, and bestowed upon Kate Diana's—the Princess of Wales, marking the first time it has been used since her death.


Accompanied by his wife Camilla, Queen Consort, formerly the Duchess of Cornwall, the King also recently met mourners and issued a personal message of thanks to the queen's supporters a day before the funeral.

"Over the last 10 days, my wife and I have been so deeply touched by the many messages of condolence and support we have received from this country and across the world," he said in a statement. "In London, Edinburgh, Hillsborough and Cardiff we were moved beyond measure by everyone who took the trouble to come and pay their respects to the lifelong service of my dear mother, The late Queen."

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He continued, "As we all prepare to say our last farewell, I wanted simply to take this opportunity to say thank you to all those countless people who have been such a support and comfort to my Family and myself in this time of grief."

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