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Katherine Heigl looked delish, and way toned down, in her darker new 'do she debuted at the premiere of rom-com The Ugly Truth at the Arclight in H'wood. Unfortunately her punctuality could use some work, 'cause the babe was 20 minutes late. Someone trying to sneak out of talking about the Emmy noms?

'Course we asked her all about that, but first we tried to get some Grey's goss for the upcoming season. But Kath wasn't spilling.

"T.R. [Knight]'s no longer there, which is just depressing," was all Heigl would offer. "And Ellen [Pompeo] now has a basketball under her shirt instead of a tiny thing!"

We get it, you can't talk about any plot details. Or maybe you just despise every storyline the writers have conjured up for ya?

As far as the Emmy noms go, Heigl kept mum on her lack of a nomination but, predictably, couldn't keep her opinions to herself about everyone else in the cast:

"I'm so excited for Shonda [Rhimes] and Sandra Oh," Kath tells us. "I just think they're so exceptional and amazing, but I'm a little disappointed for Justin [Chambers]. This is really strong season for him, and he's such an exceptional actor and an amazing person and I love him so much and he's my TV husband and goddammit he should have gotten an Emmy nomination!"

If she's not mad at the Grey's writers, or the Emmy announcer mispronouncing her name, then it's the Academy itself for not nominating her buddy.

OK, then.

We admire the doll for speaking her mind, but ya might not wanna take the Emmys name in vain next time. Or do you not care anymore now that you've totally moved onto the big-screen stuff? 'Cause we're sure all the women seeing your flick are there for you and not Scottish man-meat Gerard Butler.

Right, Miz Higg-guhl?

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