The LadyGang Co-Hosts Spill All the Juicy Details Behind Their Lady Secrets Tour

As part of E!’s Backstage Pass, Lady Secrets authors Keltie Knight, Jac Vanek and Becca Tobin shared a look inside their live tour. Find out why they call it the ultimate girls' night out.

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Watch: LadyGang Live Tour Will Be ULTIMATE Girls' Night Experience

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Ladies, the best kept secret tour in town is about to be revealed. 

For more than seven years, Keltie Knight, Becca Tobin and Jac Vanek have been building a community and making women feel less alone with their LadyGang podcast

In fact, their weekly girl chat has sparked Facebook groups, best-selling books and a fabulous fashion line. Now, the LadyGang is hitting the road and launching their Lady Secrets tour that promises to be the ultimate girls' night out.

"We're doing a version of the live podcast that is unlike any podcast," Keltie exclusively shared with E! News. "Of course we're doing our basics—Ask the LadyGang, Good Week, Bad Week—but we also have the Wheel of Secrets. When we spin it, it's going to end on someone's secret. We have to share that with the audience."

Musicians Performing Live on Stage

But wait, there's more!

Katie Münch

Attendees in select cities will enjoy special celebrity guests or an eligible bachelor that the LadyGang wants to share with audience members. Plus, a Shania Twain sing-along helps end the night.

"You're gonna walk out feeling lighter of your shame because you shared your secrets," Keltie added. "You're going to feel like you had a good laugh and you're going to feel like you had a fun time."

It's the perfect project for a group of ladies who are releasing their new book, Lady Secrets, on Sept. 20. After hearing from fans that they wanted more crazy stories from the ladies, this group got to work and produced what they call "real, raw and ridiculous confessions of womanhood."

Katie Münch

"We're digging deep into our souls, maybe some repressed memories, maybe things we wanted to forget about forever and we're exposing some of our deepest, darkest secrets," Jac shared. "That's part of the book and then the other part of the book is the fact that the LadyGang has been so much bigger than the three of us. It's all about our community."

After inviting listeners to share their secrets through a hotline, Keltie, Becca and Jac listened to some OMG-worthy stories that were too wild not to share.

"We're kind of letting all of our girls free the weight from the secrets from their shoulders," Jac shared. "And we're realizing that we're more similar than we have ever thought."

As the ladies hit the road from now until Nov. 6, keep scrolling to learn more behind-the-scenes secrets of the tour. Plus, find out when they're coming to your town here

Spill the Tea

In celebration of their new book Lady Secrets, Keltie Knight, Jac Vanek and Becca Tobin are hitting the road for the Lady Secrets tour. 

Sharing Secrets

In Lady Secrets, Becca wrote about one of her first Hollywood events she attended after being cast on Glee. "I always told myself that I was never going to be one of those celebrity chasers," she said when teasing her story. "Then I found myself in a situation where, of course, I'm with a popular young man and the story unfolds of eventually I ended up getting a back massage at Beacher's Madhouse." 

Mingling With the Stars

One of the many stories Keltie shares in the book is her memory covering the Cannes Film Festival and finding herself inside an A-list party. "I had a good dress on so they let me in and then it ended up being George Clooney's party and I was eating the shrimp and the free drinks," she said. "George Clooney came in and saw me and was like, 'Oh my god, I'm so glad you're here, thank you for coming' and I was like, 'Oh my god, you're welcome. Of course.'" 

Date Night Done Right

While you have to read Lady Secrets for the full story, Jac said she "accidentally" went on a date with Josh Duhamel many years ago. "It was the best accident of my life," she said. "It wasn't a date exactly with him, but he came on a date of mine. And the best part of that is it all kind of started on our LadyGang podcast." 

Surprise Guests

During the Lady Secrets tour, Becca, Keltie and Jac will invite special guests to join in on the fun, including Heather Dubrow and Kaitlyn Bristowe. The Bachelor's Nick Viall helped kick off the tour Sept. 13 in Chicago.  

All Are Welcome

For this tour, guys are more than welcome to attend and have a blast as well. "A lot of women bring their husbands or boyfriends and we really rally to make the men have a great time," Keltie said. "We have a couple of things that are planned that are going to be really, really fun. I think it's gonna be pretty wild."

True Sisterhood

When the LadyGang podcast launched in 2015, the co-hosts never thought it could grow into something so big. But as they celebrated their unique traits, magic happened. "Our personalities are so different," Jac said. "We could not be more different in our interests, how we respond to things, how our souls are. We got really lucky." 

Power of Community

The LadyGang podcast has sparked a huge Facebook group where listeners can build friendships and bonds. For Becca, the social media connections hold some of her best memories. "We've cultivated women who are just sick of putting on the facade that we're perfect," she said. "We're sick of lying. We're sick of being so put together and not messy when in reality, isn't it more fun when we're just sharing when we're real and authentic. That's the community in a nutshell. We love them." 

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