Lauren Conrad, Harper's Bazaar Magazine

A while back we spotted Lauren Conrad sporting a brown wig for Harper's Bazaar. And now it's time for the great reveal. Lauren was wearing it as part of what the mag calls "a social experiment."

Bazaar hypothesized that if they replaced L.C.'s blond locks with a brunette long bob but still dressed her up as a movie star and sent her to common paparazzi hangouts, she might be able to find "a little peace and quiet, if not complete anonymity."

Truly, it's one of the most fascinating and significant experiments of our time. Let's see what the subject has to say: 

"I think initially the wig threw people off, but they figured it out," Lauren reported back. "I felt like it only disguised me for a moment, and then it made me feel like I was hiding, which made me feel silly."

Anything else, Miss Conrad?

"Day to day, I can only do blonde. Everything else makes me look sort of plain-Jane."

Guess that makes this a social experiment fail. But don't let that get you down, Bazaar, just keep researching and maybe one day a cure for Lauren Conrad's fame will be discovered.


As part of our contribution to Undercover Wig Research for the Famous, we have created a Wigged Out gallery. The only way we can beat this thing is to review where other celebrities went wrong in their wig execution.

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