Anna Kendrick Reveals What Goes Down in the Pitch Perfect Group Chat

Anna Kendrick gave a little insight on the group text between Pitch Perfect cast members. Learn about the “disgustingly adorable” topic of discussion in their messages.

By Alli Rosenbloom, Kelly Gilmore Sep 14, 2022 2:11 AMTags
Watch: Anna Kendrick Talks Pitch Perfect Friendships 10 Years Later

Anna Kendrick confirmed that a group chat between members of the Pitch Perfect cast is alive and well—and it sounds aca-awesome.

Anna recently reflected on the friendships she formed while starring in the franchise's three movies, and although it's been roughly 10 years since the first film hit theaters, the memories continue to make their way into the text chain.

"We are texting each other going like, ‘Oh my gosh, you guys it's almost been 10 years and remember this night?'" Anna exclusively told E! News of the group chat. "And like sending pictures from filming the first riff off in that empty pool and we're freezing cold. So it's very, it's almost like disgustingly adorable."

The film franchise, which featured stars such as Brittany Snow, Rebel Wilson, Elizabeth Banks and Anna Camp, released flicks in 2012, 2015 and 2017. Anna explained that over that time, the cast bond grew strong enough to feel like blood.

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"I think like by the third movie, it really did feel like these girls are family like in the way that you don't even choose your family," she shared with E! News. "I'm so grateful to have those relationships and to have this weird, accidental family."

While Anna has put her days as Beca behind her, the 37-year-old recently took on a new role as Alice Davis in the film Alice, Darling.

The thriller movie—which made its world premiere gala presentation at Roy Thomson Hall at Toronto International Film Festival on Sept. 11—centers around Alice who finds perspective after hitting a breaking point in an abusive relationship.

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Anna said the project offered a style that she hadn't tapped into before.

"I had seen a couple of films, The Assistant and this movie Swallow, and I was very interested in the idea of how restrained you can be on paper," she said. "This was a really great opportunity for me and I think for everybody to sort of participate in this exercise in restraint and in trusting that what we put on screen was kind of enough evidence to be a story."

Lionsgate will release Alice, Darling in theaters in early 2023.

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