Will Emily Carey Be In House of the Dragon Season 2? They Say…

House of the Dragon's Emily Carey talked to E! News about whether they'll play Alicent Hightower in future episodes of the Game of Thrones prequel series.

By Cydney Contreras Sep 16, 2022 3:00 PMTags
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In the words of Weezer, say it ain't so!

House of the Dragon's Emily Carey confirmed episode five of the debut season will be their last appearance—at least, for now. HBO already renewed the Game of Thrones prequel series for a second season on Aug. 26, giving viewers hope that they'll see Emily play Alicent Hightower again in future episodes. 

However, when pressed for answers, Emily said viewers shouldn't hold their breath. "I know nothing," the actor exclusively told E! News. "I couldn't tell you what I'm doing tomorrow, let alone if I'm going to be in season two."

Emily added, "A girl can dream. You never know—but don't bet on it."

For now, Emily is looking forward to watching Olivia Cooke's portrayal of an older Alicent, saying, "I'm just excited to sit back and watch the rest of this season as a viewer and not be critiquing my own performance, just appreciating the show for what it is. So if I get to do the same for season two, I'd be more than happy."

House of the Dragon Cast in and Out of Costume

If episode five turns out to be Emily's last, they're going out with a bang. "You're in for a doozy!" they said. "It's a great episode and a big finish for me and Milly [Alcock]." 

Ollie Upton/HBO

As for the rest of the season, Emily has been left in the dark, explaining that the show is "so confidential," they only received scripts for the first five episodes. "I probably know as much as the hardcore fans do with the amount of research they do," they said. "I wish I could tease but I know nothing."

Now that their time on the series has drawn to a close—again, as far as we know—Emily is adjusting to life in the spotlight, leaning on co-star Milly, who is one of the few people who can relate to their strange new world. "I see Millie as a big sister," the actor shared. "I don't think that will ever diminish. It's such a strange, niche set experience and the kind of thing that you can't really talk about with anyone else."

Emily added that they weren't able to discuss their role in the series until after the news came out, so Milly became their closest friend and confidante. "We just clung to each other," Emily said. "We have not yet let go and I don't think we will."

New episodes of House of the Dragon are released Sundays on HBO.

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