A Severance Character Made a Surprise Cameo In Apple’s iPhone Presentation

During Apple's iPhone 14 presentation on Sept. 7, a Severance cast member made a surprising cameo that left us with some exciting theories. Let's break down what it all means.

By Daniel Trainor Sep 09, 2022 8:03 PMTags
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Severance is keeping us on our toes in between seasons.

During Apple's iPhone 14 presentation on Sept. 7, the tech giant teased the next generation of the device. But in between announcements about a new dual-camera and improved battery life, those watching were caught dead in their tracks when a mysterious character and appeared on screen, leaving eagle-eyed viewers to ask, "Wait, was that Helly R.?!"

In an ad for AirPods, a woman who looks like a dead ringer for Severance's Helly R., played by Britt Lower, appears. Dressed in a green turtleneck, blue pencil skirt and flaunting Helly's unmistakable red hair, she boards the subway.

It's quick, but we know a Lumon employee when we see one!

Later in the presentation, the same woman appears waiting outside the subway as the eerie Severance theme music begins to play. As the clip ends, however, the Helly doppelgänger begins to glitch and the camera cuts.

Fans of the Apple TV+ drama were left with many questions, namely: What does it all mean?!

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"I just noticed something about the Severance season 2 teaser at the end of the #AppleEvent," one Twitter user wrote. "Helly is wearing the same outfit her inny was in the final episode of season one…This is Apple we're talking about. Coincidences don't just happen…"

Another person tweeted, "A fun easter egg from Apple's recent event: Helly boarding a train, presumably on her way to work at Lumon Industries."

At the end of season one, things were at a breaking point for Helly. It was revealed that her outie is Helena Eagan, the daughter of Lumon CEO Jame Eagan. At a Lumon gala, she gets onstage to reveal the truth about Lumon and the severance procedure before getting tackled by company PR representative.

Apple TV+

While the new Easter eggs don't give us much in terms of what to expect for Helly's fate in season two, Ben Stiller, who directed six of Severance's nine episodes, promised resolution is on the horizon.

"I think where the season ends off, there's a lot of questions," he told E! News in July, "so I think we're going to get answers, hopefully."

The second season of Severance is expected to premiere on Apple TV+ in 2023.

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