Kelly Stafford Reveals the Side of Husband Matthew Stafford You Won't See on Game Day

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Kelly Stafford shared a special look into Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford’s life as a girl dad to four daughters.

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Matthew Stafford is a man of many talents. 

Sure, he can lead the Los Angeles Rams to a Super Bowl victory. And yes, he has helped build an unbreakable 7-year marriage with his college sweetheart Kelly Stafford.

But as the NFL kicks off a brand-new season Sept. 8 on NBC, Matthew's wife is proving to fans that the quarterback's greatest accomplishment is raising four daughters, including 5-year-old twins Chandler and Sawyer, Hunter, 4, and Tyler Hall, 2.

"He is the softest, most patient man," Kelly exclusively shared with E! News just one day before the Los Angeles Rams take on the Buffalo Bills at Sofi Stadium. "My dad always said one of the most important relationships in life is a father-daughter relationship just because of the confidence your dad can give you."

She continued, "I am so grateful that I ended up with Matthew because he sets such an incredible example as to the partner they should want to be with."

While the Stafford's off-season was cut short this past summer (one of the few downsides to becoming Super Bowl champions), Kelly said her family was still able to enjoy plenty of quality time together.

Professional Athletes Who Win at Fatherhood

And instead of lavish trips around the world, Kelly and Matthew opted for fun group activities in their Southern California community.


"We enjoy taking the kids with their scooters on scooter rides throughout the neighborhood before dinner happens," Kelly said. "One thing Matthew also loves to do is he loves to make some popcorn and sit down and have the girls watch a movie with him."

It may come as a surprise to fans who only see the 34-year-old athlete escaping tackles and throwing game-winning touchdown passes. But according to Kelly, who hosts The Morning After podcast, there's another side to Matthew many don't see.

"I bring him out of his shell a little bit because he is this funny, smart, witty guy that I wish the whole world could see," she said before praising his parenting skills. "He's just so gentle and caring with these little girls who love him with all their hearts. He was meant to be a girl dad."

NFL Studs On and Off the Football Field

While Kelly may be quick to describe herself as an extrovert, she agrees with her husband that there is power in privacy and a reality TV show wouldn't be best for them. (Yes, they've already declined opportunities.) 


"He does not want to be out in the spotlight," she said. "That's why you always see him in his helmet. He rarely takes his helmet off just because he likes the security of his helmet and that's how he's always been."

At the same time, Kelly and Matthew have been able to capture some family moments on social media. Keep scrolling to get an inside look at the Stafford family. 

And watch the NFL kick off a brand-new season Thursday, Sept. 8 at 4 p.m. PST on NBC and live stream the game on Peacock.

Welcome Home

On the field, Matthew Stafford is one of the best quarterbacks of the NFL. But when the football player comes home, he's simply dad. 

Falling in Love

During bye-week, Matthew and his wife Kelly Stafford treated their kids to a festive fall day near their home in Los Angeles. 

B-Day Bash

"33 and grateful for the people that fill this home," Kelly wrote when celebrating her birthday. "Thankful for these girls' contagious smiles and for a husband who never fails to make me laugh." 

Summer Days

"A pier breakfast, turned beach day, turned watching pro female surfing competition…" Kelly wrote on Instagram. "Pretty epic summer day with great 'aloha vibes.'"

No. 1 Fans

After playing at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, Matthew was able to reunite with three of his daughters in a suite. 

Rest & Recharge

After cheering for Dad all day long, it's no surprise that Matthew's kids just want to snuggle after game day. 

Go Blue

Whether they are at the stadium or going to school, Matthew's daughters love to wear the Rams' team colors. 


When Matthew worked from home during COVID-19 shutdowns, his daughters quickly wore him out. 

Family Matters

"My whole heart in one photo," Kelly wrote on Instagram when capturing her daughters snuggling by Matthew. 

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